Amy Ning’s Caricature Illustration

Amy Ning enjoys creating caricatures, often adding an edge to the depiction via exaggeration, satire or comedy. Here is her latest art piece she simply entitles, ‘Trumpty’. Please visit her Workbook Portfolio gallery entitled ‘Caricatures‘.

Amy is represented by Liz Sanders.

Donald Trump caricature illustration

Margaret Berg’s Organic Gardening Book Illustrations

Margaret Berg had the opportunity to create a series of illustrations for a just released gardening book from author, Deborah L. Martin. Published by Rodale Books and titled Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening, a Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden, Margaret painted the cover and interior illustrations in her trademark loose, colorful and fun style. Several of the illustrations are shown below along with shots of the actual book and interior illustrations. We think she did an amazing job! See more of Margaret’s varied work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Book Cover Illustration

Book Cover image for Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening

Gardening Hand Tools

Season Extenders for Gardening

Garden Bugs

Parts of a plant

Printed book page showing Plant parts

How to construct a plant bed for gardening.
© All Images Margaret Berg

Chuck Pyle for the Whisky Advocate

We love what Chuck Pyle conceptualizes and creates. He’s always on target and never falls short of delivering quality work.
One of his recent assignments was for an article in the Whisky Advocate titled ‘Reciprocity’ – a practice in the distillers world of trading blended stocks of spirits.

Collaborating with director John Thompson, Chuck was given the following parameters: “hands playing cards with whiskey barrels on the cards, and some sense of a distillery barrel in the go run with it”.

Chuck carefully researched the subject, along with some product testing, and came up with the concept to change poker chips out for whiskey barrels. John agreed and the painting was completed using acrylic on board.

View more of Chuck’s exceptional work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Illustration showing a poker game
© Chuck Pyle

Karen Greenberg Illustrates for The Wall Street Journal

Huge congrats to Karen Greenberg, whose art is featured in this year’s Wall Street Journal‘s “Holiday Guide for Books”!

Here is what Karen had to say about the project:

“I was recently commissioned by The Wall Street Journal to illustrate their “Holiday Gift Guide for Books.” The project consisted of a full page cover illustration, interior “What to Give” banners and eleven smaller illustrations (one per author). Each of the author illustrations (i.e. Art, Food, Science, etc.) required an iconographic element and hand lettering, so I created a hand lettered font and a library of icons to choose from. The super tight deadline served as a plus. I often find that working under that sort of pressure results in a very spontaneous experience. I am thankful that my portfolios on Workbook led me to this wonderful commission!”

View images of the project below. See more of Karen’s work on Folioplanet and Workbook.

Cover for Wall Street Journal Holiday Gift Guide

Illustrated banner for holiday gift guide

Cover Illustration for food book

Cover Illustration for design book

Cover Illustration for art book

Cover Illustration for business book

Cover Illustration for history book

Cover Illustration for military history book

Cover Illustration for science book

© All Images Copyright Karen Greenberg

Talented and Versatile Illustrator, Larry Jones, Joins Folioplanet

For over 23 years now, Larry has had the privilege and joy of creating art in a wide range of styles for a diverse array of clients including such names as Target, Random House, Forbes, Harcourt Brace, AMF Bowling, Macworld, National Geographic World, Scholastic, and Time Warner Cable. With a multitude of visual solutions for his clients, he’s always ready to give each project his best, and it’s evident in the sheer volume of work he churns out. Never short on ideas or inspiration, Larry collaborates exceptionally well with all of his clients and always delivers quality work.

Take a look at several of his recent assignments and see for yourself how truly talented he is. To view more of his graphic style, check out his Folioplanet portfolio. To view a variety of styles and imagery take a look at his Workbook portfolio and website.

Humorous illustrations of celebrity

Humorous illustrations of celebrity

Money Monsters Game. Edupress.

Humorous illustrations of restaurant ad

Cleopatra for Mental Floss Games

Cleopatra for Mental Floss Games

Humorous illustration of woman with cell phone

Woman with multiple suitors vying for her love

© All Images Copyright Larry Jones

The Tax Man Cometh!

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 went into effect in 2013 and has the uber and no so uber wealthy now feeling the pain. In a March 2013 article for RESEARCH Magazine, Dave Cutler was asked to illustrate an image for an article discussing new tax-efficient investment strategies in response to the new tax code. So he got down to business and nicely illustrated an image depicting a figure carrying a heavier financial burden up an insurmountable climb.

“The art director, Don Heyl, invited me to create a typographical solution as part of the illustration, which I enjoyed very much. I also liked creating the mood and atmosphere, sort of reminding me of the “Exorcist Stairs,” said Cutler.

Nice job, Dave! The image in our view is superbly done and, once again, he hits his mark!

View more of Dave’s visual creative problem solving at Workbook and Folioplanet.

Tax Landscape for the Wealthy

© Dave Cutler