Happy Mother’s Day from Folioplanet

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so we wish all the mothers out there a wonderful and restful day. In honor of Mother’s day we would like to share several of our illustrators’ lovely images showing a mother’s devotion and why we would be nowhere without them!

Illustration of child hanging on to mother's leg.

Sudi McCollum’s American Folk Inspired Art

Sudi McCollum has creativity and artistry in her blood. Both of her parents had that creative genius thing, which they kindly passed on to Sudi. After college, Sudi found a successful career in graphic design. She became so sought after for poster commissions from her advertising clients that the rest, they say, is history. She launched a successful career in illustration where she specializes in packaging, publishing and promotional materials, as well as home accessory design.

Sudi has a range of graphic styles, one of which is inspired by American Shaker folk art. This more contemporary take on the Shaker style was created for a catalog company that has an American folk art-style product line. Gorgeous! See more of Sudi’s work here and on her artist representative website, Liz Sanders Agency.

Woodblock illustration in American Shaker Style
© Sudi McCollum