Kirsten Ulve for D Magazine

Kirsten Ulve illustrated the following images for Dallas-based D Magazine about the recent real estate boom in Northern Texas. They’re fab and fun, don’t you agree?

Humorous illustration showing couple looking at a house for sale.

Illustration of a booming community.

Illustration of man looking at house through magnifying glass

© Kirsten Ulve

Laura Coyle’s Infographic

Laura Coyle has a very distinctive illustration style which also has wide appeal for usage as infographics. Take a look at one of her whimsical illustrations showing us the ins and outs of scuba diving.

Laura is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Infographic illustration of a scuba diver

Erika LeBarre New to Folioplanet

Always encouraged by her parents to nurture her creative side, Erika LeBarre can remember putting pencil to paper and drawing as a child…a lot. In fact, it was her favorite thing to do. Having graduated from the College for Creative studies with a BFA in illustration, Erika honed her craft working along side other illustrators and designers for several years until she branched out on her own.

With an impressive client list and beautiful work to show for it, Erika creates product/packaging labels, posters, point of purchase, signage, direct mail, magazine ads, editorial, greeting cards, grade school textbooks, eBooks, websites, textiles, logos and even character development. We’re excited to have her join Folioplanet!

Erika LeBarre is represented by Deborah Wolfe.

Illustration of cat in a field of flowers

Illustration of little girl
©Erika LeBarre

Constanza Basaluzzo’s Whimsical Children’s Illustrations

For your weekend we’d like to inspire you to find time to make a snow angel or build a snowman with MB Artists‘ talented Constanza Basaluzzo’s whimsical illustrations. Drawn to creating creating images from a child’s point of view, Constanza has been illustrating since a child herself. Hew work appears in numerous books and magazines and can be seen almost everywhere.

Illustration showing children building a snowman

Children making a snow angel

Happy Halloween from Folioplanet!

We’re sending out a wish for you to enjoy your bone chilling, spine tingling Halloween evening. As a favorite holiday around here, we want to show off a couple illustrations from our talented artists. Don’t get too spooked…or on second thought, we hope you do.

Happy haunting! See more from our talented artists at!

Witch illustration

Thodoris Tibilis/Rep, Liz Sanders Agency

whimsical illustration of spooky ghost

Michael Robertson/Rep, Lindgren & Smith

Illustration of children in their Halloween costumes

Tracy Bishop/Rep, MB Artists

Halloween illustration of woman with black cat

Kim Johnson/Rep, Lindgren & Smith

Illustration of trick or treaters

Tammie Lyon/Rep, MB Artists

Celebrate Summer with Margaret Berg!

Margaret Berg is soooo talented and we can gaze at her images endlessly marveling at her extraordinary, colorful, and creative work. Margaret continues to skillfully create illustrations for a wide range of clients for a multitude of products including books, magazines, food & beauty packaging, greeting cards, stationery, gift ware, wall décor, tabletop & drink ware, fabrics & textiles, tech accessories and more.

Here are just a few of her images in tribute to our favorite time of year, SUMMER! Take a look at her Folioplanet Portfolio and more of her work at her website.

Illustration of popsicles

Illustration of a school of fish

Illustration of ice cream cone

illustration of beach shells

Illustration of slice of watermelon
© All Images Margaret Berg

Happy Father’s Day!

To all those Dads out there, we wish you a joyful, relaxing, Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. Here are several images from our talented group of illustrators to help shine the spotlight on the dutiful Dads out there!

Illustration of father kissing child good night

illustration of father holding daughter

Retro illustration of father and children at soda counter

Illustration of father kissing child good night

Nishan Akgulian Creates Cover for Bas Bleu’s 20th Anniversary

Nishan Akgulian is a regular fixture around the offices of Bas Bleu – or at least his art is. Since 1996 he has artfully illustrated over fifty of the bookseller’s catalog covers. In the past many of the covers have been offered as posters and blank sets of note cards. They proved to be so popular that their entire inventory sold out each time.

But don’t despair. As part of Bas Bleu’s 20th Anniversary celebration he was asked to create a commemorative cover. Titled “Twenty Readers”, it celebrates the diversity of Bas Bleu’s clientele as well as importance of reading in our lives. It is now being offered as an 11″ x 14″ print/poster.

Additionally, six of Nishan’s most popular Bas Bleu catalog cover illustrations, previously reproduced as note cards, are being re-issued as a set of a dozen note cards, proving that you can never get enough of a good thing – and that Nishan is in demand and talented!

Book Cover illustration for Bas Bleu

© Nishan Akgulian

Otto Steininger for The New Yorker

Otto had a brilliant idea while out navigating the wintery streets of NYC with his daughter in her stroller. Inspired by his not so unique predicament in what some may call the coldest place on Earth, he had a thought. Why not enlist all of those strollers to become mini-snow plows? He creatively illustrated his unique idea and it happily landed on the cover of The New Yorker! Kudos, Otto!

See more of Otto’s great ideas and whimsical illustrations.

Illustration showing strollers being pushed on sidewalks covered with snow.

animated gif showing winter scene
© Otto Steininger

Judy Reed Silver: Do not remove a fly from your friend’s forehead with a hatchet

Judy Reed Silver is using her collage style of illustration to comment on social issues of interest to her. But, all is not completely serious. A Chinese proverb that she likes shows her whimsical side.

whimsical image for Chinese proverb

Wind generated energy

Energy Efficiency