Jean Tuttle for the Wall Street Journal

Award winning, Jean Tuttle, created these graphic and cleverly conceptualized illustrations for the Wall Street Journal article titled “The Psychology of Clutter”. What a great assignment, and we love the final result! Way to go again, Jean!

Check out the full article, and see more of her work here and on her own website.

Illustrations showing the path to a cluttered life
© Jean Tuttle

Karen Greenberg Illustrates for The Wall Street Journal

Huge congrats to Karen Greenberg, whose art is featured in this year’s Wall Street Journal‘s “Holiday Guide for Books”!

Here is what Karen had to say about the project:

“I was recently commissioned by The Wall Street Journal to illustrate their “Holiday Gift Guide for Books.” The project consisted of a full page cover illustration, interior “What to Give” banners and eleven smaller illustrations (one per author). Each of the author illustrations (i.e. Art, Food, Science, etc.) required an iconographic element and hand lettering, so I created a hand lettered font and a library of icons to choose from. The super tight deadline served as a plus. I often find that working under that sort of pressure results in a very spontaneous experience. I am thankful that my portfolios on Workbook led me to this wonderful commission!”

View images of the project below. See more of Karen’s work on Folioplanet and Workbook.

Cover for Wall Street Journal Holiday Gift Guide

Illustrated banner for holiday gift guide

Cover Illustration for food book

Cover Illustration for design book

Cover Illustration for art book

Cover Illustration for business book

Cover Illustration for history book

Cover Illustration for military history book

Cover Illustration for science book

© All Images Copyright Karen Greenberg

Michael Sloan Gets Creative!

Not only does Michael Sloan have oodles of talent, but he stays busy! In addition to exhibiting his original paintings depicting Hong Kong street scenes, he has created a multitude of other works of art for a variety of commercial assignments. Did we mention he’s versatile? From editorial work for the Christian Science Monitor Weekly to paintings for the Yale Alumni Association, and everything in between, he is a highly sought after talent because he knows how to adapt to each and every assignment and deliver exactly what the client needs. Take a look at some of his recent projects below. You can also view a video about his Hong Kong experience.

To see more of Michael’s work, take a look at his Folioplanet portfolio.

Illustration Image

Cover art for Monitor Weekly showing a disillusioned Uncle Sam.

Illustration Image

“Standing Room Only,” about the recent great success of the Yale University men’s ice hockey teams. Published by Yale Alumni.

Illustration Image

Full page art about the NYC Marathon for The Wall Street Journal.

Illustration Image

Image showing the dichotomy between new and old China.

Illustration Image

“Probing the Secrets of the Mind”, poster art for a lecture at Yale University by a cognitive neuroscientist.

Illustration Image

Full page art for Forbes magazine. “Superstores: Too much of a good thing?”

© All Images Copyright Michael Sloan