Sudi McCollum for GA Foods/Sun Meadow

Sudi McCollum is busy completing work for GA Foods/Sun Meadow, a specialty meals provider, and we like what she’s done!

textile illustration showing farm food, animals
© Sudi McCollum

Sudi McCollum Environmental Poster

Liz Sanders Agency talent, Sudi McCollum, is working on a series of environmentally related posters for the Eleanore Rowan Foundation. The foundation is a nursery specializing in California wild flowers and native plants. Such plants provide much needed habitat for indigenous birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of Sudi’s work and the wonderful work of the Eleanore Rowan Foundation.

Poster showing California native plants and wildflowers.
© Sudi McCollum

Sudi McCollum Artistically Rendered Easter Bunny

Sudi McCollum loves what she does and it shows! Most of Sudi’s work harkens back to woodblock printing from different countries and time periods. She traditionally inks her work and then further manipulates the illustrations in Photoshop. This illustration, beautifully and artistically rendered, was originally created for a greeting card company but altered later by Sudi where she expressed hew own vision.

Sudi McCollum is represented by Liz Sanders Agency. See more of Sudi’s work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Illustration of rabbit
©Sudi McCollum

Sudi McCollum Commissioned by Cost Plus World Market

Liz Sanders Agency artist, Sudi McCollum, was commissioned by Cost Plus World Market to create this illustration for use within an upcoming line of Italian Food Products.

Be sure to view more of Sudi’s exceptional work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

illustration of olive tree

The spot illustrations below were completed for Running Press cookbook, Puerto Rican Cuisine in America


Illustration of a Lobster

Illustration of a crab

© Sudi McCollum