Rocco Baviera’s Cover for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Rocco Baviera recently created this illustration for the Spring Book Review section of publication The Chronicle of Higher Education. Spectacular, as always!

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Illustration of an open book and spring flowers
©Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera on Fundraising and Philanthropy

Rocco Baviera’s created a recent series of illustrations for Trends Quarterly on the theme of Mindset as it relates to philanthropy and fundraising…“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Re-framing your perspective and the idea of “changing the lens in which you view things” are also explored.

We couldn’t have said it or illustrated it better ourselves!

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Illustration of man looking out window at present.

Illustration of man looking down road.

Conceptual illustration of man looking at telescope.
©Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera for Trends Quarterly

Rocco Baviera creates a unique conceptual illustration for the current issue of Trends Quarterly, a publication of
Ketchum Canada Inc.

The article, titled “Shaping the future of philanthropy through Innovation”, focuses on the theme of innovation in a harsh economic climate as it pertains to charitable donations.

Editorial illustration

Rocco Baviera for Quarterly Trends

Rocco Baviera created a series of illustrations for Trends Quarterly on the theme of Talent Development in the Fundraising sector. Topics covered include the importance of investing in human resources, the role management plays in developing talent, the challenges of managing dual career paths and the benefits of teamwork in achieving goals.

Illustration of various stacks of coins

Illustration showing man watering people in a greenhouse

Illustration showing a man straddling 2 ladders

Illustration of people standing on shoulders to reach something high up.
©Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera for Trends Quarterly

Rocco Baviera was called upon to create another series of illustrations for Trends Quarterly for an issue on the topic of Target Marketing as it relates to fundraising. The article discussed how charities need to take a targeted approach across the spectrum of giving levels. Topics covered include segmentation, personalization and donor loyalty. Check out his well thought out imagery below!

Conceptual illustration

Conceptual illustration

Conceptual illustration

Conceptual illustration

Rocco Baviera “Strategizes” for Philanthropic Trends Quarterly

Once again, Rocco Baviera delivers exceptional, conceptual illustrations for publication, Philanthropic Trends Quarterly. In an article focusing on the necessity of strategizing, developing a game plan, integrating and simplifying these plans within organizations, Rocco delivered imagery that creatively tied all of these concepts together. See for yourself. There’s no question Rocco does great work…always.

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Illustration showing a chess board with hand moving figures around the board.

Illustration of coach drawing plays on chalkboard

Conceptual illustration of tinker toys

Illustration of man pushing circle.
© Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera Gets the Job Done for Philanthropic Trends Quarterly

In an article for Philanthropic Trends Quarterly, very talented artist Rocco Baviera was hired to illustrate images for “The Retention Issue.” In an article discussing issues faced by non-profit organizations, Rocco nicely communicates these ideas with his graphic and thoughtfully executed illustrations. Rocco does a great job depicting the issue of high turnover in key positions within non-profit organizations, and how these positions often go unfilled for more than 6 months, sometimes attributed to lack of development and a one size fits all approach in hiring. Kudos to Rocco for his interpretation of the article and his wonderful work!

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Vacant Chair of Development Director

Revolving Door of Employees

Hiring Practices
© All Images Copyright Rocco Baviera