Judy Reed Silver for National Cherry Blossom Festival

The National Cherry Blossom Festival committee came to Judy Reed Silver seeking her illustration/design talents to help them produce marketing materials for their world renowned festival.

Each year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, DC. The gift and annual celebration honor the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan and the continued close relationship between the two countries.

Submitted here, the dynamic poster Judy designed for the NCBF committee. She also created artwork specifically for the event’s licensed properties including such items as totes, slippers, and scarves. All have proven wildly successful as evidenced by multiple production runs.

Ask anyone who has attended this festival, they will tell you it is beauty unmatched.

Judy is represented by the Liz Sanders Agency.

Illustration of Cherry Blossom Trees and Capitol Building
© Judy Reed Silver

Vigg for the Word on the Street

Illustrator Vigg, also known as Vincent Gagnon, just completed exquisite poster illustrations for Canada’s national festival, the Word on the Street.

Each September, Canada holds a national book and magazine festival. First launched in 1990, the festival was originated to promote and advocate for literacy. During the month of September Canada celebrates reading, magazines, books and the authors that bring them to life. Free to the public, the festival is one of the largest literary celebrations. Authors, literary groups and more come to the festival to showcase and discuss their work and conduct workshops. The Word On The Street has received many awards including a nomination in 2012 for the Canadian Event Industry Award’s “Best Festival” Star Award.

We think Vigg is a star, too. His work on the poster is nothing less than spectacular and delightful. Each of the posters has subtle variations for each city hosting the festival. What a creative way to give each city its very own stamp on this very special event. His posters deliver a call to action to grab a good book and advocate for literacy. He hit the mark and we’re proud to feature his work.

Check out the posters for yourself here and view more of his work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Vigg is represented by Three in a Box.

Newspaper for the Word on the Street

Poster illustration for "the Word on the Street" festival, people reading.
© Vigg

Sudi McCollum Environmental Poster

Liz Sanders Agency talent, Sudi McCollum, is working on a series of environmentally related posters for the Eleanore Rowan Foundation. The foundation is a nursery specializing in California wild flowers and native plants. Such plants provide much needed habitat for indigenous birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of Sudi’s work and the wonderful work of the Eleanore Rowan Foundation.

Poster showing California native plants and wildflowers.
© Sudi McCollum

Nishan Akgulian Creates Cover for Bas Bleu’s 20th Anniversary

Nishan Akgulian is a regular fixture around the offices of Bas Bleu – or at least his art is. Since 1996 he has artfully illustrated over fifty of the bookseller’s catalog covers. In the past many of the covers have been offered as posters and blank sets of note cards. They proved to be so popular that their entire inventory sold out each time.

But don’t despair. As part of Bas Bleu’s 20th Anniversary celebration he was asked to create a commemorative cover. Titled “Twenty Readers”, it celebrates the diversity of Bas Bleu’s clientele as well as importance of reading in our lives. It is now being offered as an 11″ x 14″ print/poster.

Additionally, six of Nishan’s most popular Bas Bleu catalog cover illustrations, previously reproduced as note cards, are being re-issued as a set of a dozen note cards, proving that you can never get enough of a good thing – and that Nishan is in demand and talented!

Book Cover illustration for Bas Bleu

© Nishan Akgulian

Raymond Bonilla’s Award Winning Posters!

Illustrator Raymond Bonilla’s work for SUNY Fredonia’s Department of Theatre and Dance 2013-2014 Performance Season has received a tremendous amount of acclaim. Three of his posters, featured below, have recently won major awards from Society of Illustrators. Check em’ out!

Award winning illustration for Anne Frank play

Gold Award in Entertainment/Visual Development from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 52nd annual exhibition

Moon Over Buffalo Theatre Poster

Bronze Award in Entertainment/Visual Development from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 52nd annual exhibition

Theatre poster for Stop the World

Honorable Mention in Entertainment/Visual Development from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 52nd annual exhibition

© Raymond Bonilla

Giovannina Colalillo’s Poster for International Women’s Day

The Ontario Federation of Labour was looking to commission an illustrator to create a poster for International Women’s Day 2014, and once again they turned to Giovannina Colalillo as their go to illustrator. Having done an excellent job on their last 3 posters, Giovannina was the perfect choice for them, and what an honor to be part of something so extraordinary and meaningful in the lives of women. Intended to celebrate women’s spirit, sisterhood and solidarity, I think you’ll agree that she did a beautiful job communicating the theme “Rising” with her graphically bold, powerful and and conceptually strong image.

You can view past posters in her Folioplanet portfolio and more of her work at her website.

Illustration of woman with extended hands
© Giovannina Colalillo

Award Winning Illustrations from Raymond Bonilla

Raymond Bonilla’s illustration titled “The Piano Lesson” won a gold medal in Advertising from The Society of Illustrators New York 55th Annual Exhibition. The same piece won a gold medal in Entertainment/Visual Development for the The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 51st Annual Exhibition. His work “Dance Ensemble” was also accepted into The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 51st Annual Exhibition in the Entertainment/Visual Development category. Bonilla’s “High Plains Fandango” earlier was awarded an Honorable Mention in Entertainment/Visual Development for The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 50th Annual Exhibition.

The Annual Exhibitions are worldwide juried competitions. “While thousands of artists submit to these competitions every year, only a small percentage of those are juried in, and from that only a handful receive awards,” Bonilla notes. All three of the awarded pieces were for theater posters done for State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia Department of Theatre and Dance Performance. For each of the productions, Bonilla worked with a director to design posters that capture the main themes of the plays staged by the department.

“For “The Piano Lesson” , I worked with Director Tom Loughlin, with whom I also had worked on “High Plains Fandango”,” he says. “Before submitting any sketches to the director, I read through the plays’ scripts in their entirety. I find that the script really helps me understand the play’s ‘feeling’ and allows me to discuss the poster’s direction in a much more specific fashion.”

“I feel that my job as an illustrator is to not only to make an aesthetically pleasing image but to effectively capture a play’s multiple themes and condense them into a powerful single image. In the case of “The Piano Lesson”, written by the acclaimed playwright August Wilson, the play presents the story of a young man who visits his sister and uncle in Pittsburgh in 1936 determined to sell the family’s heirloom piano so he can buy the land on which his family had been slaves. After discussing the script and presenting a round of sketches with Tom, we both decided the poster should try to convey the story’s tense sibling relationship and the weight of the family’s scarred past, as manifested in the almost mystic family heirloom, a piano.

“In terms of the painting, I started with a line drawing using photographs I took of models and my approved sketch as a reference to plot out my compositional and shadow shapes. After this, I worked from large to small, background to foreground, until I achieved a finish that was appropriate for the piece.

For additional imagery view Ray’s Folioplanet Portfolio and Workbook Portfolio.

The Piano Lesson

High Plains Fandango

Dance Ensemble

© All Images Copyright Raymond Bonilla