Proud to Share Award Winners for the 2017 Communication Arts Illustration Annual!

We are proud to show more talented illustrators chosen as award-winners in the 2017 Communication Arts Illustration Annual!

Portrait illustration of Beyonce.

Tim O’Brien

Trump Caricature illustration

Colleen O’Hara

Map illustration of Wyoming

John S. Dykes

Realistic illustration by Jim Salvati.

Jim Salvati

Portrait illustration of Prince.

Tim O’Brien

Portrait illustration of David Bowie.

Tim O’Brien

Portrait illustration of Leonard Cohen.

Tim O’Brien

Illustration of dog behind fence.

Aad Goudappel

© All Images

Jim Salvati for The Image Projects

Talented artist, Jim Salvati has partnered with Art Insights to create a series of portrait images for “The Image Projects” beginning with “The Musician’s Image”. His work is created with such attention to composition and detail leading to a visually stunning image…always. Shown are recent paintings of Jimi Hendrix and Morrissey with more to come. Read more about Jim and the project at Art Insights website.

Jim Salvati is represented by Lindgren & Smith where you can see more of his beautiful work.

Paintings of Jimi Hendrix

Portrait of Morrissey

American Illustration 35 Winners Announced

American Illustration (AI-AP) announced the selected and chosen illustrators from a crowded field of almost 600 submissions. We’re happy to announce that several of our illustrators were included in the group of winners.

Decorative wildlife and nature illustration.John S. Dykes


Popeye illustrationDave Calver


Collage bird illustrationTom Cocotos


Digital illustration of man wearing suitPatrick George


Conceptual illustration of American flagOtto Steininger


Illustration of ocean cityNishan Akgulian


Conceptual, whimsical illustration of downtown city streetsMichael Sloan


Illustration of horse in fieldMartin Haake


Group of men wading in ocean.Gayle Kabaker


CD cover/cup and saucerPatrick George


Conceptual illustration a "sea of eyes"James Yang


Conceptual portrait illustration of Elvis Presley.Tim O’Brien


Conceptual portrait illustration of Napoleon Bonaparte.Tim O’Brien


3D illustration created by Richard Borge.Richard Borge


Conceptual illustration of a woman and child in carLauren Simkin Berke

Conceptual portrait illustration of women, different hairstyle/nationalities.Lauren Simkin Berke


Giovannina Colalillo Wins CAPIC Double Vision Art Show

Photographer Bo Huang and Illustrator Giovannina Colalillo won the CAPIC Double Vision art show contest for the Popular Vote.

Giovannina Colalillo painted Bo Huang and Bo Huang photographed Giovannina Colalillo.

Portraits Concept: Qi (Ch’i), Dynamic flowing energy arising through the interplay between Yin and Yang.

CAPIC’s (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

See more from Giovannina Colalillo here.

Portrait illustration and Photo
© Giovannina Colalillo

Colleen O’Hara’s Presidential Candidates

While the end of the road has come for a few presidential hopefuls, Colleen O’Hara’s creative caricatures are undeniably entertaining. Her images of those racing to the White House certainly bring much needed levity. Presidential antics aside, Colleen is uber-talented and creates wonderful caricatures, children’s imagery and editorial imagery for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. To see more from Colleen visit her portfolio and website.

Portrait of Ted Cruz.

Caricature of Hillary Clinton

Caricature of Bernie Sanders.

Caricature of Ben Carson.
© Colleen O’Hara

Giovannina Colalillo and Barbara Spurll Won First Place at the CAPIC Double Vision Show!

CAPIC’s Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

Their art is titled Streaming. In collaboration, they shake their inverted heads revealing important aspects of themselves. These cascading elements symbolize them, as in the headset representing Giovannina’s love for talking as she draws and paints, and Alice in Wonderland representing Barbara’s love for theatre and storytelling. Linking them together is their common Chinese Zodiac sign, the Dragon.

The Gala opening and competitions took place on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015, 6:30 – 10 pm, at the Arta Gallery in the Toronto’s trendy Distillery District.

Portrait illustrations

John S. Dykes Recent Assignments

What’s not to LOVE about John S. Dykes’ work? He has been very busy churning out these breathtaking illustrations and we’re just blown away by what he can conceptualize and lay down on paper! Check out his amazing imagery below and see more at Folioplanet.

Illustration for annual Frogfolio calendar

Illustration for American Airlines in flight magazine

Illustration of character actor, Charles Lane

Illustration of character actor, Charles Lane, for LEADER’S EDGE, an insurance industry publication.

Map illustration of Paris

Paris sketchbook illustration for JOHN HOPKINS MAGAZINE

© All Images John S. Dykes

Happy Father’s Day!

To all those Dads out there, we wish you a joyful, relaxing, Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. Here are several images from our talented group of illustrators to help shine the spotlight on the dutiful Dads out there!

Illustration of father kissing child good night

illustration of father holding daughter

Retro illustration of father and children at soda counter

Illustration of father kissing child good night

Chris Cocozza’s Stunning Realism

We’d like to welcome Chris Cocozza, an international, award winning, romance book cover artist, to Folioplanet. Over the span of his career, Chris has illustrated 100′s of book covers for major publishers across the United States and around the world – and undoubtedly you’ve seen them everywhere.

Following in the footsteps of some of his most inspirational artists and teachers, Chris set out to traditionally paint the figure for
the book cover industry, first breaking in with the western and young adult genres, and expanding to romance, action and
mystery genres.

In the early 90′s, with the advent of digital media, Chris pioneered the integration of the “new” digital techniques and tools with his mastery of the “traditional techniques”. He was one of the first romance illustrators to embrace the new technology and continues to be one of it’s foremost pioneers into the 21st century, with his work being studied in many universities across the country.

Chris Cocozza continues to be a trendsetter in the illustration field with his unique vision and sensitivity to book cover art as cultural icon and powerful artistic reference.

View more of Chris’ work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Romance Book Cover illustration

Romance Book Cover illustration

Book Cover Illustration of Man Tipping his Hat

All images © Chris Cocozza

Award Winning Illustrator, Noumeda Carbone

Noumeda Carbone is a talent like none other and we’re ecstatic to have her join Folioplanet! In her very distinctive style, Noumeda churns out work using ink, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and a variety of digital tools. Her images are compelling, surreal and captivating, filled with immensely intricate details. With such high profile clients as Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi, there is no doubt you have seen her stunning imagery on a multitude of products, including magazine covers, cell phone cases, restaurant installations, and street art, just to name a few. She exhibits her work regularly and has created many thought provoking personal projects. Her work has received notice from the creative community as well winning her several awards and published work in numerous annuals.

View more of Noumeda’s extraordinary work at Folioplanet or Dripbook.

© Noumeda Carbone