Martin Haake Illustrates the Presidential Candidates

Martin Haake illustrates American politics and the Presidential candidates. With election day looming, Martin skillfully captures the combative tone of this election season with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “duking it out” in the ring. Who will win??

Martin is represented by Lindgren & Smith.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the boxing ring.
©Martin Haake

Little Miss Hillarett from Amy Ning

Amy Ning’s latest political caricature is entitled “Little Miss Hillarett”…Along came a spider and sat down beside her…and frightened Miss Hillaret away!

Please visit Amy’s Folioplanet Portfolio and Workbook Portfolio gallery entitled ‘Caricatures‘.

Amy is represented by Liz Sanders Agency.

Caricature illustration of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
© Amy Ning

Amy Ning’s Caricature Illustration

Amy Ning enjoys creating caricatures, often adding an edge to the depiction via exaggeration, satire or comedy. Here is her latest art piece she simply entitles, ‘Trumpty’. Please visit her Workbook Portfolio gallery entitled ‘Caricatures‘.

Amy is represented by Liz Sanders.

Donald Trump caricature illustration

Colleen O’Hara’s Presidential Candidates

While the end of the road has come for a few presidential hopefuls, Colleen O’Hara’s creative caricatures are undeniably entertaining. Her images of those racing to the White House certainly bring much needed levity. Presidential antics aside, Colleen is uber-talented and creates wonderful caricatures, children’s imagery and editorial imagery for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. To see more from Colleen visit her portfolio and website.

Portrait of Ted Cruz.

Caricature of Hillary Clinton

Caricature of Bernie Sanders.

Caricature of Ben Carson.
© Colleen O’Hara

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Exceptional talent, Michael Sloan, created these humorous editorial illustrations for The Boston Globe article about American voters losing the love for their political parties.
Illustration of voter closing the door on his political party

Illustration of voter showing annoyance at his political party

Michael Sloan Part of Mid-Term Elections in a Big Way!

Michael Sloan has been busy hammering out original ideas and thought provoking solutions for past and present publications surrounding politicians and the political process. There’s no better time to show off his work with the mid-term elections coming up next week.

Below are several more illustrations created for The New York Times! Be part of the process and get it out there make your voice heard. Vote!

View more of Michael’s extraordinary work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

cartoon style voting illustration

Editorial illustration showing election issues

Editorial Illustration for The New York Times. Election Issues

Editorial illustration depicting ripple effect of elections

The Ripple Effect of a National Election. The New York Times Op-Ed Letters.

Editorial illustration showing political climate in Washington D.C.

The Tenor of Talk in Washington D.C. The New York Times Op-Ed Letters.

Editorial illustration depicting political gridlock

Political Gridlock. The New York Times Op-Ed Letters.


Michael Morgenstern Illustrates for The Economist!

Lüerzer’s Archive knows how to pick them. Michael Morgenstern was named in one of their recent issues as one of the “200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide,” and for good reason! You won’t see Michael tooting his own horn, however, because he’s too busy working on a multitude of projects.

With more than 17 years in the illustration biz, he’s been steadily churning out images that draw you in and make you think. A regular contributor for the weekly “Banyan” column in the prestigious The Economist magazine publication, the following images were created for several features covering Asian politics. Long on creative freedom, but short on lead time, Michael works quickly often fleshing out his ideas digitally. He can often be seen mightily wielding a digital stylus while comping out multiple illustrations at the same time. Now that is talent!

To view more of Michael’s extraordinary work, visit his Folioplanet portfolio.

Illustration Showing Power Struggle Between America and China

Illustrated for a Story Marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the Massacre in Gujarat, India

Image Depicting Rising Coal Consumption and Devastating Impact on Environment