Suzanne Beaky’s Adorable Illustrations for “Leopold”

Suzanne Beaky recently had a wonderful opportunity to illustrate Dr. Ruth’s latest children’s book, Leopold from Turner Publishing. The charming book tells the story of loveable Leopold the turtle who is afraid to go in the water. Leopold must make a decision and either play it safe or take a risk and face his fears.

Suzanne truly had such a great time creating the adorable characters for Dr Ruth’s book! Who wouldn’t? She also received a lovely call from the author herself, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, thanking her for her contribution. Nice!!

Suzanne Beaky is represented by Liz Sanders Agency.

Dr. Ruth standing next to a illustration of herself
Children's book "Leopold" book cover
Leopold, the turtle, hiding in his shell.
Illustration showing Leopold the turtle and his friends.
Dr. Ruth's grandson, Ben.
┬ęSuzanne Beaky