Riley Illustration Talent New on Folioplanet

Artist representative, Riley Illustration, has a talented group of artists, several of which are showing off their skills on Folioplanet! Their skills range from children’s illustration to editorial illustration and everything in between. Each artist offers well thought out solutions and executes flawlessly. We invite you to take a look at each of their portfolios.

illustration of woman walking while reading
Illustrator, Sarah Wilkins

Children's book cover illustration of Robert Frost and family.
Illustrator, Rebecca Gibbon

Illustration of businessman surfing, pixel illustration
Illustrator, Mark Von Ulrich

Illustration of woman with ducks following her.
Illustrator, Mara Cerri

Illustration of clothes
Illustrator, Jeffrey Fisher

John S. Dykes Recent Assignments

What’s not to LOVE about John S. Dykes’ work? He has been very busy churning out these breathtaking illustrations and we’re just blown away by what he can conceptualize and lay down on paper! Check out his amazing imagery below and see more at Folioplanet.

Illustration for annual Frogfolio calendar

Illustration for American Airlines in flight magazine

Illustration of character actor, Charles Lane

Illustration of character actor, Charles Lane, for LEADER’S EDGE, an insurance industry publication.

Map illustration of Paris

Paris sketchbook illustration for JOHN HOPKINS MAGAZINE

© All Images John S. Dykes

Communication Arts Competition Includes Folioplanet Talent

Communication Arts recently released their Illustration Annual 55, and it includes Folioplanet talent Raymond Bonilla, Jeff Foster, Beppe Giacobbe, Carlo Stanga, and Roger Chouinard among the winners.

We want to take a moment to congratulate all of these wonderfully talented illustrators on this impressive achievement, and show off a little of what they do.

Colorful pen and ink illustration of cityscape

CDetailed conceptual illustration of cityscape

Conceptual illustration of bird cage on man's head

Conceptual illustration of landscape

Illustration of Grosch Beer

Retro illustration

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Conceptual cartoon/collage illustration of doctor resuscitating heart

Conceptual illustration depicting stockholders.

© All Images