New Work from Liz Sanders Agency Talent!

Liz Sanders’ illustrators have been very busy on a variety of projects – all delivering striking results. Check out a few of their most recent projects below. Be sure to view more of their work at Liz’s website.

Floral soap packaging illustration

SUDI McCOLLUM illustrated this lively bouquet evocative of embroidered vintage linens like you’d see on grandma’s kitchen towels. Client: Strawberry Hill Farm.

Savannah post card illustration

STEPH CALVERT created this illustration in partnership with UPPERCASE Magazine​ as part of their “Greetings from” and “Wish you were here” promotion. Artists were invited to create and share their vintage-inspired post card designs. Steph chose her splendid nearby city of Savannah, GA to depict.

Watercolor painting of cucumber slices

RANDI ZAFMAN’s latest exploration: Cucumbers for food packaging, paper goods, cookbooks or traditional watercolor and lettering. Her designs are managed digitally making production and edits very manageable.

Vintage inspired floral and food illustration.

This tranquil pattern with both Japanese and Chinese influences was created by SUDI McCOLLUM for organic soap packaging.

AMY NING was hired to create an illustration to grace the catalog cover of Kamana Academy. Located in Redondo Beach, CA, Kamana Academy is a private institution whose mission is to provide student’s access to Massage Therapy programs with training that is both comprehensive and professional.

JUDY REED SILVER designed this rug pattern and coordinating wallpaper collection as part of a new home decor series. This design plays well within a contemporary interior, both residential and commercial.

Digital illustration of L.A. Chefs.

AMY NING’s latest illustration for the LA Times/Saturday Section, ‘They Crave LA’. Amy’s art depicts a trio of celebrity chefs, Eddie Huang, Charles Phan & April Bloomfield.

© All Images

Sudi McCollum for Bellwether Farms

Sudi McCollum’s illustrations used in the branding and packaging for the Bellwether Farms dairy line have contributed to a highly successful campaign and tremendous growth for the company. Inspired by early American primers for children, the naive charm of Sudi’s illustrations evokes a feeling of simpler days.

Check out Sudi’s image below and see more of her imagery in her online portfolio.

Sudi is represented by Liz Sanders Agency.

Branding and packaging for Bellwether Farms.
© Sudi McCollum

Riley Illustration Talent New on Folioplanet

Artist representative, Riley Illustration, has a talented group of artists, several of which are showing off their skills on Folioplanet! Their skills range from children’s illustration to editorial illustration and everything in between. Each artist offers well thought out solutions and executes flawlessly. We invite you to take a look at each of their portfolios.

illustration of woman walking while reading
Illustrator, Sarah Wilkins

Children's book cover illustration of Robert Frost and family.
Illustrator, Rebecca Gibbon

Illustration of businessman surfing, pixel illustration
Illustrator, Mark Von Ulrich

Illustration of woman with ducks following her.
Illustrator, Mara Cerri

Illustration of clothes
Illustrator, Jeffrey Fisher

Thodoris Tibilis and His Collection of Cartoon Characters

By Liz Sanders Agency

Thodoris is an award winning illustrator whose enjoyed working with advertising agencies including DDB, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, and Publicis. He has also been hired directly by corporate firms such as Proctor & Gamble, Dannon, McDonalds, Fiat, Unilever, Heinz and others. He specializes in stylized illustration, cartoon, character and mascot design. To see more from Thodoris, take a look at his Folioplanet and Workbook Portfolios.

Illustration of cartoon characters for Frutomania children's yogurts

Fruto + Mania (Frutomania MEVGAL)
Cartoon characters, for “Frutomania” children yogurts / MEVGAL dairy products.
Packages, TV spot, brochures, mascot costumes, micro site and promo merchandising.
Created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Illustration mascot of lion on skateboard

Received 1st place in EVGE awards and 3rd place in ERMIS awards.
The mascot for “Tsakiris” snacks (Coca Cola). Packages, mascot costume, printed ad, toys and TV spots.
Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Cow cartoon illustrations

Mascot versions for “Creative Cow”, Web Design Company.
Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Introducing Emerging Talent, Jess Stewart-Croker

Recent illustration graduate Jess Stewart-Croker, is well on her way to carving out a path for herself. Primarily working with traditional media, such as watercolor, gouache and pen and ink, Jess creates painterly and colorful imagery. She has already grabbed a number of impressive assignments for several companies, including several private commissions. Jess can also quite frequently be found with sketchbook in hand making her way through a museum looking for inspiration in the historical references around her.

Jess’s goal in her work has always been to capture the beauty and detail of an object in a traditional and intricate manner, and it’s immediately visible in her imagery from travel to product illustrations. What an impressive start to her career!

View more of Jess’ work at Folioplanet and her own website.

Packaging illustration for coffee product

Packaging illustration for coffee

Packaging illustration for coffee

Textile Pattern

Illustration of St. Basil's Cathedral

Map illustration of Moscow & St. Petersburg
© All Images Jess Stewart-Croker

Uber Talented Malane Newman Joins Folioplanet

There’s almost nothing Malane can’t do. Just take a look at her volume of work and there’s simply no denying the diverse range in her abilities and how amazingly talented she is. Her portfolio includes digital illustrations for packaging, advertising, new character development, board games and toys, and children’s books, just to name a few.

As a life-long illustrator, Malane Newman now mainly focuses on cartoon illustration, character design, and licensed character artwork. She also works extensively with clients designing original characters and illustrating their new products.

Besides her work being recognizable in greeting cards, children’s books, magazines, newspapers and many others, she has also designed and developed an animated cartooned website for a line of children’s clothing, and an animated children’s story for use on an educational website. See? We don’t lie! She truly can do it all!

Take a look at her Folioplanet portfolio to view more of her work.

Talented Art Nouveau Artist, Echo Chernik, Joins Folioplanet

With over fifteen years in the commercial illustration biz, award-winning illustrator, Echo Chernik, never stops working. With an impressive amount of talent and an equally impressive resume, we are happy to have Echo part of Folioplanet. From working in vector and raster formats to traditional and digital illustration, Echo always keeps pace with an ever-changing industry, creating packaging, posters, CD covers, logos, billboards, signs – and more. Her unique and evocative style keeps getting her noticed, and keeps the work coming in from a diverse roster of notable clients including Miller Lite, NASCAR, Proctor & Gamble, Dave Matthew’s Band, Celestial Seasonings, Disney, Publix Supermarkets,, to name just a few.

Below is Echo’s most recent assignment for Dos Equis. She was asked to create an illustration for their “Ultimate Masquerade Party” campaign and Echo delivered beautifully! Heineken USA’s new look for Dos Equis Lager and Ambar beers has hit the shelves and will accompany a media event known as the Masquerade, hosted by “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.

To view more of Echo’s extraordinary work, visit her Folioplanet and Workbook portfolios. For a full bio and client list, view her website at

© Echo Chernik

Phillip Hom Illustrates a Diverse Cast of Characters

Phillip Hom is a highly sought after illustrator who knows how to deliver! From a highly recognizable cast of characters to original work used in a variety of applications, there’s really nothing he can’t do. He has created work for packaging, advertising, video game covers, consumer products, character design and publishing. He does it all!

To view his work, visit his Folioplanet and Workbook portfolios.

© Phillip Hom