Rocco Baviera’s Cover for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Rocco Baviera recently created this illustration for the Spring Book Review section of publication The Chronicle of Higher Education. Spectacular, as always!

Be sure to check out more of Rocco’s exceptional work!

Illustration of an open book and spring flowers
©Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera on Fundraising and Philanthropy

Rocco Baviera’s created a recent series of illustrations for Trends Quarterly on the theme of Mindset as it relates to philanthropy and fundraising…“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Re-framing your perspective and the idea of “changing the lens in which you view things” are also explored.

We couldn’t have said it or illustrated it better ourselves!

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Illustration of man looking out window at present.

Illustration of man looking down road.

Conceptual illustration of man looking at telescope.
©Rocco Baviera

Jean Tuttle for the Wall Street Journal

Award winning, Jean Tuttle, created these graphic and cleverly conceptualized illustrations for the Wall Street Journal article titled “The Psychology of Clutter”. What a great assignment, and we love the final result! Way to go again, Jean!

Check out the full article, and see more of her work here and on her own website.

Illustrations showing the path to a cluttered life
© Jean Tuttle

Raymond Bonilla for The New Yorker

This is sooo good! Check out more of Raymond’s exceptional work here.

New Yorker illustration by Raymond Bonilla
© Raymond Bonilla

Chris Labrooy for IEEE Spectrum Magazine

début art‘s talented CGI illustrator, Chris Labrooy, created this unique cover for this month’s IEEE Spectrum Magazine.

CGI'd image for IEEE Spectrum Magazine
© Chris Labrooy

Michael Morgenstern Illustrates for The Economist!

Lüerzer’s Archive knows how to pick them. Michael Morgenstern was named in one of their recent issues as one of the “200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide,” and for good reason! You won’t see Michael tooting his own horn, however, because he’s too busy working on a multitude of projects.

With more than 17 years in the illustration biz, he’s been steadily churning out images that draw you in and make you think. A regular contributor for the weekly “Banyan” column in the prestigious The Economist magazine publication, the following images were created for several features covering Asian politics. Long on creative freedom, but short on lead time, Michael works quickly often fleshing out his ideas digitally. He can often be seen mightily wielding a digital stylus while comping out multiple illustrations at the same time. Now that is talent!

To view more of Michael’s extraordinary work, visit his Folioplanet portfolio.

Illustration Showing Power Struggle Between America and China

Illustrated for a Story Marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the Massacre in Gujarat, India

Image Depicting Rising Coal Consumption and Devastating Impact on Environment

Nishan Akgulian and Working Mother Magazine

Nishan Akgulian’s style keeps getting him regular gigs with Working Mother magazine, just one of many assignments for this talented illustrator! Known for his unique and distinctive style, he brings his artistic vision to a wide variety of visual outlets including editorial illustration, advertising, product renderings and fashion.

View more of Nishan’s visually engaging illustrations at Folioplanet and Workbook.
All Images © Nishan Akgulian.

Below are two illustrations recently completed for the high profile magazine.

Illustration created for an article titled “Micro-Manager Management” showing a work environment with a boss
constantly looking over someone’s shoulder, impeding productivity and work flow.

Created for an article titled “When a Colleague Cuts You Down” conceptually illustrating
what happens when a co-worker undermines someone at their job.

Gayle Kabaker’s New Yorker Cover Illustration “June Brides”

In response to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, it seems timely to show Gayle Kabaker’s illustration called “June Brides,” originally illustrated over a year ago. Created as one of four pieces for a contest on the blog Blown Covers, Gayle was contacted by The New Yorker’s art editor, Françoise Mouly, and was asked to withhold one of her pieces from the contest. Before she knew it, a life long dream was realized and her “June Brides” illustration landed on the cover of The New Yorker, the only Blown Covers illustration ever to do so.

Her New Yorker cover was recognized by American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, and Print Magazine, and has resonated with many.

View more of Gayle’s work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

© Gayle Kabaker