Chris Cocozza’s Stunning Realism

We’d like to welcome Chris Cocozza, an international, award winning, romance book cover artist, to Folioplanet. Over the span of his career, Chris has illustrated 100′s of book covers for major publishers across the United States and around the world – and undoubtedly you’ve seen them everywhere.

Following in the footsteps of some of his most inspirational artists and teachers, Chris set out to traditionally paint the figure for
the book cover industry, first breaking in with the western and young adult genres, and expanding to romance, action and
mystery genres.

In the early 90′s, with the advent of digital media, Chris pioneered the integration of the “new” digital techniques and tools with his mastery of the “traditional techniques”. He was one of the first romance illustrators to embrace the new technology and continues to be one of it’s foremost pioneers into the 21st century, with his work being studied in many universities across the country.

Chris Cocozza continues to be a trendsetter in the illustration field with his unique vision and sensitivity to book cover art as cultural icon and powerful artistic reference.

View more of Chris’ work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Romance Book Cover illustration

Romance Book Cover illustration

Book Cover Illustration of Man Tipping his Hat

All images © Chris Cocozza

Talented and Versatile Illustrator, Larry Jones, Joins Folioplanet

For over 23 years now, Larry has had the privilege and joy of creating art in a wide range of styles for a diverse array of clients including such names as Target, Random House, Forbes, Harcourt Brace, AMF Bowling, Macworld, National Geographic World, Scholastic, and Time Warner Cable. With a multitude of visual solutions for his clients, he’s always ready to give each project his best, and it’s evident in the sheer volume of work he churns out. Never short on ideas or inspiration, Larry collaborates exceptionally well with all of his clients and always delivers quality work.

Take a look at several of his recent assignments and see for yourself how truly talented he is. To view more of his graphic style, check out his Folioplanet portfolio. To view a variety of styles and imagery take a look at his Workbook portfolio and website.

Humorous illustrations of celebrity

Humorous illustrations of celebrity

Money Monsters Game. Edupress.

Humorous illustrations of restaurant ad

Cleopatra for Mental Floss Games

Cleopatra for Mental Floss Games

Humorous illustration of woman with cell phone

Woman with multiple suitors vying for her love

© All Images Copyright Larry Jones

Margaret Berg’s Colorful Creations for Papyrus

Having worked with high profile entertainment and non-entertainment brands and properties, Margaret Berg knows how to create beautiful imagery for a wide range of campaigns. The images below were created for Papyrus to be included in their greeting card collection. View Margaret’s vibrant and emotive illustrations below.

Visit Folioplanet and Workbook to view more of Margaret’s engaging imagery.

© Margaret Berg