Yana Beylinson’s Product Illustration

Yana Beylinson is an award-winning designer, illustrator and artist. She is talented beyond measure and creates decorative illustrations, branding, packaging and print design. Her work can literally be seen everywhere, from murals to product packaging to pillows and poufs. She designed her own stationery line published by Chronicle Books and penned a book published by Wiley & Sons. Her signature style is elegant and sophisticated and she creatively lends her expertise to a myriad of projects as seen below.

Lavender illustration

Floral illustration on pillows.

Decorative, Floral Book Cover

Decorative, Floral Book Interior

Packaging illustration for Boost mini bars.
© Yana Beylinson/Liquid Pixel Studio

Yana Beylinson’s Decorative Florals

It’s Earth Day and there’s nothing better than taking a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and remembering the importance of preserving our natural resources and treating Mother Earth with tender loving care!

Yana Beylinson, of Liquid Pixel Studios Inc, creates beautiful nature-inspired imagery for a variety of products. Check out some of the colorful and vibrant florals she’s illustrated along with several of her recent projects.

Pillow showing ocean landscape

Floral illustration

Floral illustration

Nature inspired illustration on Cacao Powder product.

Floral illustration on a pillow.

Nature inspired illustrated water bottles for EarthLust.
© Yana Beylinson