Happy Mother’s Day from Folioplanet

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so we wish all the mothers out there a wonderful and restful day. In honor of Mother’s day we would like to share several of our illustrators’ lovely images showing a mother’s devotion and why we would be nowhere without them!

Illustration of child hanging on to mother's leg.

Jim Salvati for The Image Projects

Talented artist, Jim Salvati has partnered with Art Insights to create a series of portrait images for “The Image Projects” beginning with “The Musician’s Image”. His work is created with such attention to composition and detail leading to a visually stunning image…always. Shown are recent paintings of Jimi Hendrix and Morrissey with more to come. Read more about Jim and the project at Art Insights website.

Jim Salvati is represented by Lindgren & Smith where you can see more of his beautiful work.

Paintings of Jimi Hendrix

Portrait of Morrissey

Happy Holidays from Folioplanet!

Happy Holidays from several of our talented artists! We wish everyone a joyful and peaceful holiday and a promising 2017!

Snowy holiday landscape with Christmas tree.
Robert Crawford

Toy Soldier with presents.
Vince McIndoe

Christmas Story
Jennifer Zivoin

Christmas Tree
Chris Lyons

Merry Christmas from Matt Dartford
Matt Dartford & AJ/MDI Digital

Christmas tree
Christiane Beauregard

Santa and reindeer
Mattia Cerato

Christmas winter wonderland
Randi Zafman

Santa carrying bag of toys
Dave Calver

Martin Haake Illustrates the Presidential Candidates

Martin Haake illustrates American politics and the Presidential candidates. With election day looming, Martin skillfully captures the combative tone of this election season with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “duking it out” in the ring. Who will win??

Martin is represented by Lindgren & Smith.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the boxing ring.
©Martin Haake

Robert Gantt Steele for Memorial Day

We celebrate Memorial Day this Monday, May 30th, to remember all those who sacrificed so much to protect this great nation.

Illustration below created by Robert Gantt Steele for children’s book, Mark’s Special Mission in Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert is represented by Lindgren & Smith.

Playing taps in Arlington National Cemetery.
©Robert Gantt Steele

John Holcroft’s Financial Operation

John Holcroft created this editorial illustration regarding the risky stakes of high finance. John is represented by Lindgren & Smith. See more of his work!

Editorial illustration about finances.

Martin Haake’s Illustrated Trip Around the Globe

Martin Haake took a little trip around the globe recently, in pictures anyway. He had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate thirty maps of the world’s best-loved cities, like Toronto, Mumbai and New York. That’s a whole lot of exploration!

Georgia Cherry researched and wrote the children’s book City Atlas and Martin added the visuals. Each map is beautifully detailed, engaging and colorful. He captured the local flavor and customs of each city including famous landmarks and famous people.

Also included on each page is a search-and-find game that engages young readers. Children are lead on a thrilling adventure as they scour each city in search of exciting one-of-a-kind treasure. It’s sure to be a hit among kids everywhere!

City Atlas is published by Wide Eyed Editions and available for purchase on Amazon in the UK this week. It will be available in other markets in the coming months and in the U.S. in 2016. Martin Haake is represented by Lindgren & Smith. Be sure to check out Martin’s portfolios at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Cover of children's book, City Atlas

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing Rome.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of Rome

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing New York.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of New York

Map illustration of New York City

Map illustration of London.

Map illustration of Buenos Aires
© Martin Haake

Memorial Day is Monday

Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated each year in May. Originally declared a holiday to remember the Union and Confederate soldiers who died fighting in the American Civil War, Memorial Day was then extended to include all enlisted military personnel who died in the line of duty. So we want to take some time to honor and remember this Monday, and all throughout the year, the tremendous price that was paid by all those who died defending our freedoms and the sacrifice paid by their families.

The illustration below was created by Lindgren & Smith artist, Robert Gantt Steele.

Illustration of a military funeral
© Robert Gantt Steele

Chris Lyons’ Poster for Paddle and Pour Arts & Music Festival

Lindgren and Smith artist, Chris Lyons, created the poster for the first ever Pittsford Paddle and Pour Arts & Music Festival! If that wasn’t special enough, Chris will be there signing copies of his poster, so be sure get your very own signed poster and kick off your Memorial Day weekend festivities on Saturday!

Lakeside illustration
© Chris Lyons

Happy Valentine’s Day from Folioplanet!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and provide a little inspiration from a few of Lindgren & Smith‘s exceptionally talented group of artists.

Illustration of couple

Illustration of couple dancing

Illustration of a first crush

Illustration of birds who only have eyes for each other

© All Images