New Work from Liz Sanders Agency Talent!

Liz Sanders’ illustrators have been very busy on a variety of projects – all delivering striking results. Check out a few of their most recent projects below. Be sure to view more of their work at Liz’s website.

Floral soap packaging illustration

SUDI McCOLLUM illustrated this lively bouquet evocative of embroidered vintage linens like you’d see on grandma’s kitchen towels. Client: Strawberry Hill Farm.

Savannah post card illustration

STEPH CALVERT created this illustration in partnership with UPPERCASE Magazine​ as part of their “Greetings from” and “Wish you were here” promotion. Artists were invited to create and share their vintage-inspired post card designs. Steph chose her splendid nearby city of Savannah, GA to depict.

Watercolor painting of cucumber slices

RANDI ZAFMAN’s latest exploration: Cucumbers for food packaging, paper goods, cookbooks or traditional watercolor and lettering. Her designs are managed digitally making production and edits very manageable.

Vintage inspired floral and food illustration.

This tranquil pattern with both Japanese and Chinese influences was created by SUDI McCOLLUM for organic soap packaging.

AMY NING was hired to create an illustration to grace the catalog cover of Kamana Academy. Located in Redondo Beach, CA, Kamana Academy is a private institution whose mission is to provide student’s access to Massage Therapy programs with training that is both comprehensive and professional.

JUDY REED SILVER designed this rug pattern and coordinating wallpaper collection as part of a new home decor series. This design plays well within a contemporary interior, both residential and commercial.

Digital illustration of L.A. Chefs.

AMY NING’s latest illustration for the LA Times/Saturday Section, ‘They Crave LA’. Amy’s art depicts a trio of celebrity chefs, Eddie Huang, Charles Phan & April Bloomfield.

© All Images

Celebrate Earth Day with Folioplanet Illustrators!

For Earth Day enjoy these illustrations from our wonderful artists…and to show a little love for Mother Earth we encourage everyone to get involved in events in their communities happening all week long!

Lettering illustration showing Earth, for Earth Day.

Randi Zafman

Landscape showing cliff and beach

Sylvia Hofflund

Landscape painting showing red farm house, rolling hills.

Chris O’Leary

Conceptual illustration showing woman walking among flowers, butterflies.

Sarah Wilkins

Illustration of backpacker in nature

Glenn Gustafson

Getting to Know Daniel Pelavin

Dan Pelavin is one of those designer/illustrator/typographers who sees little distinction between these disciplines and considers them all integral to the same goal: communication. He has worked and trained with artists involving the entire spectrum of the graphic arts, including decorative, fashion, product, and technical illustrators, in addition to letterers, typographers, and graphic designers. In a recent interview with Creative Pro, Dan discusses how all of this experience has helped his work evolve to where it is today and where it might go in the future, where he gets his inspiration, and the nuts and bolts of the creative process. Be sure to take a look at the twenty-two type fonts he’s created with a brief history of how he developed each one. But be sure to take a look at his complete website, too; there is so much more to see!

La Familia Logo

Janis Joplin illustrator and type treatment.

Illustration of cityscape and transportation.

Illustration of New York activities.

Sending Love on Valentine’s Day!

We’re sending out some love for Valentine’s Day from several of our talented illustrators! Enjoy!

Love doves.Robin Zingone

Textile illustration of Valentine's Day goodies.Steph Calvert

Illustration of Cupid reading book with firecracker nearby.Aad Goudappel

Illustration of couple connectingLauren Simkin Berke

Two women having coffeeLisa Henderling

Conceptual illustration of heart over flag.Pepper Tharp

textile illustration of hearts and dove.Sudi McCollum

Love Grows Here.Randi Zafman

Happy Holidays from Folioplanet!

Happy Holidays from several of our talented artists! We wish everyone a joyful and peaceful holiday and a promising 2017!

Snowy holiday landscape with Christmas tree.
Robert Crawford

Toy Soldier with presents.
Vince McIndoe

Christmas Story
Jennifer Zivoin

Christmas Tree
Chris Lyons

Merry Christmas from Matt Dartford
Matt Dartford & AJ/MDI Digital

Christmas tree
Christiane Beauregard

Santa and reindeer
Mattia Cerato

Christmas winter wonderland
Randi Zafman

Santa carrying bag of toys
Dave Calver

Happy Thanksgiving!

We, at Folioplanet, wish everyone a relaxing Thanksgiving. Randi Zafman expresses a beautiful sentiment appropriate for the holiday.

Lettering illustration "Grateful, blessed"
©Randi Zafman

Hawk Krall Plays a Part in Philly

If you’re in Philadelphia for the DNC, or just curious about the art scene there, you might want to start following one of our favorite hometown artists, Hawk Krall on Instagram.

Hawk took part in a community arts project called DNC Donkeys. Local artists were asked by Artjawn to decorate a total of 57 fiberglass donkeys representing Washington D.C. and every U.S. state and territory. They were then placed around the city at various locations for all to enjoy. Hawk’s states were New Jersey and New Hampshire, so keep your eyes peeled. We have it on good authority you can find his New Jersey donkey at 13th and Sansom and his New Hampshire donkey at 1 North Independence Mall West.

Painted donkeys

Hawk Krall's painted New Jersey donkey.

Besides being part of the community art project, Hawk also created a poster promoting voter engagement titled Next Stop Democracy and it’s being featured in an AIGAPhiladelphia exhibition at the City Hall Art Gallery in room 116. Hawk also tells us that there is possibly some sort of “dumpster diver” art event happening there on Wednesday….!

And if you are interested in the local food scene, Hawk knows all about it and then some. He does a monthly column for Saveur Magazine featuring his favorite sandwiches, one of which is, of course, the Philly Cheese Steak.

Poster for voter engagement.

Philly Cheesesteak illustration

Hawk Krall's Philly Fusion Sandwich illustration
©Hawk Krall

Stanislawa Kodman’s Illustration for Catalyst Magazine

Stanislawa Kodman‘s infographic combines words with the image of the brain for an article highlighting The Brain Trust, a support group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. The image will appear in Catalyst Magazine.
Art Director, Michael Logan.

Stanislaws Kodman is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Lettering illustration in the shape of a brain

Ana Gómez Bernaus: Building Characters

Ana Gómez Bernaus is an award winning visual adventurer. Influenced by Barcelona and its Catalan modernism style, along the way she developed a love for typography. Ana has been awarded with the Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence and nominated for the 2013 Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2013/2014. Her work has been featured in numerous publications with an esteemed client list including Nike, Trident, Disney, State Farm, Direct TV, Polk Audio and many others.

Designer Ana Gomez Bernaus’ project ,”Building Characters”, uses basic geometric shapes to build dynamic and detailed letters and illustrations creating a balance between rich compositions and clean lines.

3D graphic illustration of a heart

3D graphic illustration of the alphabet

3D illustration of the letter B

3D illustration of the letter A

3D Lettering Illustration

Close up detail of 3D lettering
© Ana Gómez Bernaus