Celebrate International Beer Day Today!

We love the fact that it’s International Beer Day today, and we’re ready to celebrate! Before raising a pint in appreciation of brewmasters all over the globe, we’d also like to take a moment to celebrate our artists who know how to make this cold beverage look great on paper!

See more from each artist by clicking on the link below each image.

Illustration of beer mug with banner, "Destination Beer"

Product illustration for International Beer Day

Illusration of six pack of Hunde beer

Hamms Beer illustrastion

Grosch beer product illustration by Jeff Foster

Communication Arts Competition Includes Folioplanet Talent

Communication Arts recently released their Illustration Annual 55, and it includes Folioplanet talent Raymond Bonilla, Jeff Foster, Beppe Giacobbe, Carlo Stanga, and Roger Chouinard among the winners.

We want to take a moment to congratulate all of these wonderfully talented illustrators on this impressive achievement, and show off a little of what they do.

Colorful pen and ink illustration of cityscape

CDetailed conceptual illustration of cityscape

Conceptual illustration of bird cage on man's head

Conceptual illustration of landscape

Illustration of Grosch Beer

Retro illustration

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Conceptual cartoon/collage illustration of doctor resuscitating heart

Conceptual illustration depicting stockholders.

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Jeff Foster Joins Folioplanet

Who wouldn’t want to work with Jeff Foster? Not only is he exceptionally talented, but he’ll deliver a quality assignment with a side of humor, too. A joy to work with, Jeff has a proven track record working for clients like Nike, Toyota, ESPN, L.L. Bean, Hasbro and Tillamook, to name just a few. His style is distinct, colorful, and a great creative solution for your next campaign. Check out some of his truly amazing imagery below and then migrate over to his portfolio to see more!


Poster for Toyota 4Runner


Poster for Flexjet Anique Car Show


Tillamook Cheese 100th Anniversary Label

Washington State Fair

Promotion for Washington State Fair


Promotion for Sun Valley Resort


Travel Smith Catalog Cover

© All Images Copyright Jeff Foster