The Tax Man Cometh!

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 went into effect in 2013 and has the uber and no so uber wealthy now feeling the pain. In a March 2013 article for RESEARCH Magazine, Dave Cutler was asked to illustrate an image for an article discussing new tax-efficient investment strategies in response to the new tax code. So he got down to business and nicely illustrated an image depicting a figure carrying a heavier financial burden up an insurmountable climb.

“The art director, Don Heyl, invited me to create a typographical solution as part of the illustration, which I enjoyed very much. I also liked creating the mood and atmosphere, sort of reminding me of the “Exorcist Stairs,” said Cutler.

Nice job, Dave! The image in our view is superbly done and, once again, he hits his mark!

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Tax Landscape for the Wealthy

© Dave Cutler