James Yang for New York Times

James Yang created the following illustrations for two recent New York Times articles. The first illustration, whether to rent or buy, addresses the financial repercussions of this decision.

You can see more from James at Folioplanet and Workbook. James is represented by the David Goldman Agency.

Conceptual illustration of financial decisons.

The following illustration is about trying to stay on track while dealing with other people’s competing schedules and agendas.

Conceptual illustration of "running out of time".
©James Yang

Leo Acadia Editorial Illustrations

Leo Acadia has an impressive amount of talent and creates eye-catching graphic illustrations for a slew of editorial clients. His illustrations have garnered recognition and numerous awards from The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3×3 Illustration Annual, and The AltPick awards.

Illustration of a woman lounging in chair with degrees on a tree.

Illustration of a man jumping over an obstacle.

Illustration of a group of people on a road with direction arrows.

Illustration of row boat hitting an iceberg.

Illustration of orange tree orchard with one tree cut down.

Conceptual illustration of woman walking into shark infested waters.

Conceptual illustration of doctor entanged by stethescope.
©All Images Leo Acadia

American Illustration 35 Winners Announced

American Illustration (AI-AP) announced the selected and chosen illustrators from a crowded field of almost 600 submissions. We’re happy to announce that several of our illustrators were included in the group of winners.

Decorative wildlife and nature illustration.John S. Dykes


Popeye illustrationDave Calver


Collage bird illustrationTom Cocotos


Digital illustration of man wearing suitPatrick George


Conceptual illustration of American flagOtto Steininger


Illustration of ocean cityNishan Akgulian


Conceptual, whimsical illustration of downtown city streetsMichael Sloan


Illustration of horse in fieldMartin Haake


Group of men wading in ocean.Gayle Kabaker


CD cover/cup and saucerPatrick George


Conceptual illustration a "sea of eyes"James Yang


Conceptual portrait illustration of Elvis Presley.Tim O’Brien


Conceptual portrait illustration of Napoleon Bonaparte.Tim O’Brien


3D illustration created by Richard Borge.Richard Borge


Conceptual illustration of a woman and child in carLauren Simkin Berke

Conceptual portrait illustration of women, different hairstyle/nationalities.Lauren Simkin Berke


Hawk Krall’s Feast for the Eyes

Hawk Krall’s images are a feast for the eyes. His illustrations are filled with intricate details and bold color. Hawk is an illustrator and artist who has created engaging work for various publications and businesses for over 10 years, ranging from murals, portraits, pop-art style food illustration to humorous editorial work and eclectic urban city scenes.

Sit back and peruse his amazing illustrations and be sure to check out more of his work.

Philadelphia Weekly cover

South Philly Sausage Fest Cover

Gayle's Country Ham for Saveur Digital column Hawk's Illustrated America

South Philly Times Square; from Space 1026 Show

Fluffburger for Saveur Digital column Hawk's Illustrated America
© Hawk Krall

Laura Coyle’s Infographic

Laura Coyle has a very distinctive illustration style which also has wide appeal for usage as infographics. Take a look at one of her whimsical illustrations showing us the ins and outs of scuba diving.

Laura is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Infographic illustration of a scuba diver

We Celebrate the American Worker for Labor Day

Labor Day is Monday and it celebrates the working man or woman. The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882, and was established to celebrate the efforts and contributions of all those who work to make America a strong and vital country.

To give a nod to the American worker and to inspire you to relax on a day that celebrates you, take a look at Chad J. Shaffer’s images. See more from this “worker” here.

Men working in a warehouse

Lounging by the Pool

Jean Tuttle for the Wall Street Journal

Award winning, Jean Tuttle, created these graphic and cleverly conceptualized illustrations for the Wall Street Journal article titled “The Psychology of Clutter”. What a great assignment, and we love the final result! Way to go again, Jean!

Check out the full article, and see more of her work here and on her own website.

Illustrations showing the path to a cluttered life
© Jean Tuttle

Eric Larsen for Brent Ozar Unlimited

Eric had plenty of inspiration when joining forces with the brilliant IT team at Brent Ozar Unlimited. With their superior skillsets, their out-of-the-box style, their good sense, and of course their good humor, he was given the wonderful opportunity to create their website illustrations that would be reflective of their brand — hint-hint, they’re not just a bunch of stuffy, nerdy types who don’t know how to have a good time. Given Eric’s penchant for telling a good punchline, and of course his superior skills, they were destined to collaborate together, and Eric effortlessly created hip imagery that communicated the approachable personality of the company.

Visit their website to see all of Eric’s illustrations. Check out more of Eric’s work at Folioplanet and at his own website.

Illustration for brentozar.com website
© Eric Larsen

Bike to Work Today!

Today is Bike to Work Day, so use your pedal power for your commute to the office…and check this image out to get you motivated. Superbly talented Lisa Henderling creates colorful, graphic, stylized illustrations for a variety of clients, including corporate firms, toy companies, book publishers, magazines, advertising, packaging and products.

Be sure to take a look at more of her amazing creativity here and her own website.

Illustration of woman biking to work
© Lisa Henderling

Rocco Baviera “Strategizes” for Philanthropic Trends Quarterly

Once again, Rocco Baviera delivers exceptional, conceptual illustrations for publication, Philanthropic Trends Quarterly. In an article focusing on the necessity of strategizing, developing a game plan, integrating and simplifying these plans within organizations, Rocco delivered imagery that creatively tied all of these concepts together. See for yourself. There’s no question Rocco does great work…always.

See more of his work and look him up for your next project!

Illustration showing a chess board with hand moving figures around the board.

Illustration of coach drawing plays on chalkboard

Conceptual illustration of tinker toys

Illustration of man pushing circle.
© Rocco Baviera