Giovannina Colalillo for International Women’s Day

Giovannina Colalillo was honored to participate for the seventh year in the exciting March 8th Project developed by the OFL Women’s Committee celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD). This year’s theme was “Celebrating Solidarity and Sisterhood”. Both the pewter pin and poster created by Giovannina are works of art that members and community partners will value for many years to come.

Any surplus will be donated to a provincial women’s organization recommended by the OFL Women’s Committee to the OFL Executive Board. Last year’s surplus funds went to support the following organizations:

Equal Pay Coalition’s Equal Pay Day Campaign
CBTU Summer Youth Program: OFL sponsored 5 girls to attend
OCBCC – Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day
Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre
Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)
Co-sponsor launch of Rise Up! A Women’s History Digitizing Project.

Poster illustration for International Women's Day.

Spanish version of Poster illustration "Celebrating Solidarity & Sisterhood"

Conceptual illustration of solidarity between women.

Giovannina Colalillo Wins CAPIC Double Vision Art Show

Photographer Bo Huang and Illustrator Giovannina Colalillo won the CAPIC Double Vision art show contest for the Popular Vote.

Giovannina Colalillo painted Bo Huang and Bo Huang photographed Giovannina Colalillo.

Portraits Concept: Qi (Ch’i), Dynamic flowing energy arising through the interplay between Yin and Yang.

CAPIC’s (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

See more from Giovannina Colalillo here.

Portrait illustration and Photo
© Giovannina Colalillo

Giovannina Colalillo for International Women’s Day

Giovannina Colalillo once again created another beautiful and inspirational poster for International Women’s Day recognized this year on March 8th. Created for the Ontario Federation of Labour, we think Giovannina captured the spirit and energy of this annual event, reflecting women’s spirit, sisterhood and solidarity.

The theme celebrates sisters in partnerships and movement, highlighting the sisterhood and solidarity women share while moving forward to an equable and just society – SISTERS Sharing Hope Vision Solidarity.

Final conceptual poster illustration for Internation Women's Day

Conceptual iIllustration of 3 women for Ontario Federation of Labour
© Giovannina Colalillo

Giovannina Colalillo and Barbara Spurll Won First Place at the CAPIC Double Vision Show!

CAPIC’s Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

Their art is titled Streaming. In collaboration, they shake their inverted heads revealing important aspects of themselves. These cascading elements symbolize them, as in the headset representing Giovannina’s love for talking as she draws and paints, and Alice in Wonderland representing Barbara’s love for theatre and storytelling. Linking them together is their common Chinese Zodiac sign, the Dragon.

The Gala opening and competitions took place on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015, 6:30 – 10 pm, at the Arta Gallery in the Toronto’s trendy Distillery District.

Portrait illustrations

Giovannina Colalillo’s Poster for International Women’s Day

The Ontario Federation of Labour was looking to commission an illustrator to create a poster for International Women’s Day 2014, and once again they turned to Giovannina Colalillo as their go to illustrator. Having done an excellent job on their last 3 posters, Giovannina was the perfect choice for them, and what an honor to be part of something so extraordinary and meaningful in the lives of women. Intended to celebrate women’s spirit, sisterhood and solidarity, I think you’ll agree that she did a beautiful job communicating the theme “Rising” with her graphically bold, powerful and and conceptually strong image.

You can view past posters in her Folioplanet portfolio and more of her work at her website.

Illustration of woman with extended hands
© Giovannina Colalillo