American Illustration 35 Winners Announced

American Illustration (AI-AP) announced the selected and chosen illustrators from a crowded field of almost 600 submissions. We’re happy to announce that several of our illustrators were included in the group of winners.

Decorative wildlife and nature illustration.John S. Dykes


Popeye illustrationDave Calver


Collage bird illustrationTom Cocotos


Digital illustration of man wearing suitPatrick George


Conceptual illustration of American flagOtto Steininger


Illustration of ocean cityNishan Akgulian


Conceptual, whimsical illustration of downtown city streetsMichael Sloan


Illustration of horse in fieldMartin Haake


Group of men wading in ocean.Gayle Kabaker


CD cover/cup and saucerPatrick George


Conceptual illustration a "sea of eyes"James Yang


Conceptual portrait illustration of Elvis Presley.Tim O’Brien


Conceptual portrait illustration of Napoleon Bonaparte.Tim O’Brien


3D illustration created by Richard Borge.Richard Borge


Conceptual illustration of a woman and child in carLauren Simkin Berke

Conceptual portrait illustration of women, different hairstyle/nationalities.Lauren Simkin Berke


Happy Valentine’s Day from Liz Sanders Agency

Happy Valentine’s Day from Liz Sanders Agency and a couple of her wonderfully talented illustrators.

Judy Reed Silver created these Valentine-themed gift bag designs employing Judy’s use of repeat pattern. Judy’s style tends to focus on an eclectic collage of Asian influences, modern and vintage illustration, design and photography. She has licensed her illustrations and designs for rugs, wallpapers, fabrics, stationary, shoes, T-shirts, tableware, children’s/infant bedding, gift bags, product packaging and wall décor.

A collection of Valentine's Day gift bags.

Sudi McCollum created this Valentine’s Day greeting card for Seller’s Publishing inspired by Chinese cut-paper art.

Valentine's Day greeting card.
© Sudi McCollum

Laurent Blachier New to Folioplanet!

We welcome Laurent Blachier to Folioplanet! New to the site, we are intrigued by his captivating and stylized creations. Laurent is known for creating caricatures, photo montages and collages using a mixture of cut up images. Below are just a few of his fantastic portraits. We encourage you to take a peek at his online portfolio and head over to his website and his blog.

Portrait of Stephen King   Magazine cover for Cannes Film Festival Caricature portrait of Quentin Tarantino © Laurent Blanchier

Communication Arts Competition Includes Folioplanet Talent

Communication Arts recently released their Illustration Annual 55, and it includes Folioplanet talent Raymond Bonilla, Jeff Foster, Beppe Giacobbe, Carlo Stanga, and Roger Chouinard among the winners.

We want to take a moment to congratulate all of these wonderfully talented illustrators on this impressive achievement, and show off a little of what they do.

Colorful pen and ink illustration of cityscape

CDetailed conceptual illustration of cityscape

Conceptual illustration of bird cage on man's head

Conceptual illustration of landscape

Illustration of Grosch Beer

Retro illustration

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Illustration of gangster women in a stage play

Conceptual cartoon/collage illustration of doctor resuscitating heart

Conceptual illustration depicting stockholders.

© All Images

Judy Reed Silver: Do not remove a fly from your friend’s forehead with a hatchet

Judy Reed Silver is using her collage style of illustration to comment on social issues of interest to her. But, all is not completely serious. A Chinese proverb that she likes shows her whimsical side.

whimsical image for Chinese proverb

Wind generated energy

Energy Efficiency

Jim Cohen’s Not So Ordinary “Faces”

Jim Cohen is known for his unique and creative collage technique, and in his most recent work, he makes use of that same style, but with a twist, to create a series of extraordinary, whimsical “Faces”.

Working spontaneously, using old textures, objects, ephemera (forms, printed matter), old photos, etc, from a collection amassed over a 30 year period, Jim carefully layers these in Photoshop being careful not to over-think anything, and just let the creativity flow.

Selected to appear in 3×3’s Annual #10 in the self-promotion category, the series has already garnered quite an audience appearing in the Irish publication, The Caterpillar, and winning a feature in Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ Illustration West 51. He has also begun writing a children’s book using his “Faces” series tentatively titled Ephemera Faces from Long-Ago Places.

Currently working on another series of warm and loveable faces, even more whimsical and outside the box than the last, you’ll soon see his Monster series including robots and aliens. We can’t wait, Jim!

Stay tuned and check back often to view his evolving work. You can see his entire collection here. To view his Folioplanet portfolio, click here.

Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ winning image for Illustration West 51

Jim’s image featured in The Caterpillar

Jim’s new Monster series in progress