Martin Haake’s Illustrated Trip Around the Globe

Martin Haake took a little trip around the globe recently, in pictures anyway. He had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate thirty maps of the world’s best-loved cities, like Toronto, Mumbai and New York. That’s a whole lot of exploration!

Georgia Cherry researched and wrote the children’s book City Atlas and Martin added the visuals. Each map is beautifully detailed, engaging and colorful. He captured the local flavor and customs of each city including famous landmarks and famous people.

Also included on each page is a search-and-find game that engages young readers. Children are lead on a thrilling adventure as they scour each city in search of exciting one-of-a-kind treasure. It’s sure to be a hit among kids everywhere!

City Atlas is published by Wide Eyed Editions and available for purchase on Amazon in the UK this week. It will be available in other markets in the coming months and in the U.S. in 2016. Martin Haake is represented by Lindgren & Smith. Be sure to check out Martin’s portfolios at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Cover of children's book, City Atlas

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing Rome.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of Rome

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing New York.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of New York

Map illustration of New York City

Map illustration of London.

Map illustration of Buenos Aires
© Martin Haake