Communication Arts Illustration Winner, James Yang!

Five of James Yang‘s illustration were chosen for this year’s Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Created for The Egg Story, the series is a set of children’s stories for Hong Kong-based website for young mothers.

Illustrated egg drop soup.

Illustrated sushi roll

Illustration for children's stories.

Food illustration, spread on toast

Illustration of figure running with egg in stomach.
©Copyright James Yang

Raise your hand for Steph Calvert Illustrations!

True to Steph’s positive n’ perky personality, Steph Calvert created this image for Teaching Tolerance Magazine. The Spring 2017 issue includes both a spread (shown here), as well as a hand lettered quote of Frida Kahlo’s. The story is titled “Mariposas” and focuses on how a school founded a Latina civic engagement group to build confidence with the girls.

You can check out more of Steph’s colorful and animated illustration work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Steph is represented by Liz Sanders Agency.

Illustration of a young girl student raising her hand.

Happy Holidays from Folioplanet!

Happy Holidays from several of our talented artists! We wish everyone a joyful and peaceful holiday and a promising 2017!

Snowy holiday landscape with Christmas tree.
Robert Crawford

Toy Soldier with presents.
Vince McIndoe

Christmas Story
Jennifer Zivoin

Christmas Tree
Chris Lyons

Merry Christmas from Matt Dartford
Matt Dartford & AJ/MDI Digital

Christmas tree
Christiane Beauregard

Santa and reindeer
Mattia Cerato

Christmas winter wonderland
Randi Zafman

Santa carrying bag of toys
Dave Calver

Abbey Carter for Father’s Day!

Abby Carter is a wonderful children’s illustrator, among other things. Take a look at her website to see all that she does. We’re honoring Dad’s for Father’s Day this weekend and showing some of Abby’s illustrations she created for several children’s books, like Daddy’s Zigzagging Bedtime Story.

Abby is represented by MB Artists.

Dad playing with daughter

Father kissing child good night.

Father hanging out with children.
©Abby Carter

Happy Thanksgiving from Liz Sanders Agency!

Happy Thanksgiving from a few of Liz Sanders Agency artists, Suzanne Beaky and Kyle Poling!

Suzanne Beaky created this lively self promo for a direct mail piece mailed to the children’s book publishing market. Suzanne creates wonderfully expressive illustrations which are commissioned for children’s books, magazines and educational publishing worldwide. Suzanne grew up in Gahanna, Ohio, and studied illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Her expressive illustrations are commissioned by children’s book, magazine, and educational publishers worldwide. See for yourself some of the images she’s created.

Children's illustration of a young boy at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Below is a promotional illustration created by Kyle Poling showing a traditional Pilgrim and Native American Thanksgiving.

Kyle Poling's illustration of a pilgrim Thanksgiving

Suzanne Beaky’s Children’s Book, ‘Chicken Licken’

Suzanne Beaky’s super animated chicken grabs the attention of those little ones. A prolific published illustrator, Suzanne created this personality plus chicken for the children’s book Chicken Licken, published by Heinemann Publishing.

The book is party of the Shared Reading Books series, which are oversided books that the teacher reads to a group of children. Let us tell you, they are entranced by the story and Suzanne’s fun and often silly art. We want to share a little bit of the book along with Suzanne’s illustration.

Suzanne is represented by Liz Sanders Agency and you can check out more of her work on her rep’s website.


One day Chicken Licken was pecking around for seeds to eat.
Then all of a sudden a big acorn fell on his head.

“What was that?” he asked.
He looked up at the sky.
And then he got very worried.

Cartoon illustration of a chicken for a children's book, Chicken Lickin'

© Suzanne Beaky

Colleen Madden Illustrates Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”

Illustrator Colleen Madden recently finished work on a new children’s book, and all indications are that we will be seeing it everywhere very soon. The story, or words actually, are taken from the Mariah Carey song “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Colleen’s style had the right blend of painterly fun and sweet that Ms. Carey and the publisher, Random House Children’s Books, were looking for. It was a demanding project with a tight deadline, but Colleen pulled it off beautifully. If book sales are anything like the song sales, there is no doubt that the book will be a big hit!

Looks like it’s time for Christmas shopping! Copies will be available starting November 10th.

Colleen is represented by MB Artists. You can see more of Colleen’s work in her Folioplanet portfolio.

Cover illustration for "All I Want for Christmas is You"

Illustration for Mariah Carey book "All I Want for Christmas"

Illustration for Mariah Carey's book "All I Want for Christmas is You".
© Colleen Madden

Martin Haake’s Illustrated Trip Around the Globe

Martin Haake took a little trip around the globe recently, in pictures anyway. He had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate thirty maps of the world’s best-loved cities, like Toronto, Mumbai and New York. That’s a whole lot of exploration!

Georgia Cherry researched and wrote the children’s book City Atlas and Martin added the visuals. Each map is beautifully detailed, engaging and colorful. He captured the local flavor and customs of each city including famous landmarks and famous people.

Also included on each page is a search-and-find game that engages young readers. Children are lead on a thrilling adventure as they scour each city in search of exciting one-of-a-kind treasure. It’s sure to be a hit among kids everywhere!

City Atlas is published by Wide Eyed Editions and available for purchase on Amazon in the UK this week. It will be available in other markets in the coming months and in the U.S. in 2016. Martin Haake is represented by Lindgren & Smith. Be sure to check out Martin’s portfolios at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Cover of children's book, City Atlas

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing Rome.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of Rome

Interior page in children's book, City Atlas, showing New York.

Interior Page Showing Map Detail of New York

Map illustration of New York City

Map illustration of London.

Map illustration of Buenos Aires
© Martin Haake

Stanislawa Kodman: Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things

Stanislawa Kodman‘s whimsical drawings seem particularly appropriate reminding us of our late summer evenings shared with the twinkling fireflies. Whether as images in children’s books, magazine articles or simply to grace the page, Stanislawa has a charming style that adds sophistication and elegance to any project. To see even more of Stanislawa’s playful side, check out her blog, Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things.

Stanislawa is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Illustration of fireflies and animals
© Stanislawa Kodman

Erika LeBarre New to Folioplanet

Always encouraged by her parents to nurture her creative side, Erika LeBarre can remember putting pencil to paper and drawing as a child…a lot. In fact, it was her favorite thing to do. Having graduated from the College for Creative studies with a BFA in illustration, Erika honed her craft working along side other illustrators and designers for several years until she branched out on her own.

With an impressive client list and beautiful work to show for it, Erika creates product/packaging labels, posters, point of purchase, signage, direct mail, magazine ads, editorial, greeting cards, grade school textbooks, eBooks, websites, textiles, logos and even character development. We’re excited to have her join Folioplanet!

Erika LeBarre is represented by Deborah Wolfe.

Illustration of cat in a field of flowers

Illustration of little girl
©Erika LeBarre