Abbey Carter for Father’s Day!

Abby Carter is a wonderful children’s illustrator, among other things. Take a look at her website to see all that she does. We’re honoring Dad’s for Father’s Day this weekend and showing some of Abby’s illustrations she created for several children’s books, like Daddy’s Zigzagging Bedtime Story.

Abby is represented by MB Artists.

Dad playing with daughter

Father kissing child good night.

Father hanging out with children.
©Abby Carter

Happy Thanksgiving from Liz Sanders Agency!

Happy Thanksgiving from a few of Liz Sanders Agency artists, Suzanne Beaky and Kyle Poling!

Suzanne Beaky created this lively self promo for a direct mail piece mailed to the children’s book publishing market. Suzanne creates wonderfully expressive illustrations which are commissioned for children’s books, magazines and educational publishing worldwide. Suzanne grew up in Gahanna, Ohio, and studied illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Her expressive illustrations are commissioned by children’s book, magazine, and educational publishers worldwide. See for yourself some of the images she’s created.

Children's illustration of a young boy at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Below is a promotional illustration created by Kyle Poling showing a traditional Pilgrim and Native American Thanksgiving.

Kyle Poling's illustration of a pilgrim Thanksgiving

Kyle Poling and Amy Ning’s Spooktacular Images

Liz Sanders Agency artists, Amy Ning and Kyle Poling, have been busy scaring up some seriously great illustrations.

Kyle Poling created all kinds of cute Halloween characters for a fun and lively children’s book. Author Ilanit Oliver wrote Ten Flying Brooms for Scholastic Corporation, which Kyle happily illustrated bringing the educational children’s story to life. The counting story is filled with all sorts of rhyming and high-flying bats, witches and broomsticks and is sure to keep kids engaged and learning.

© Kyle Poling

Amy Ning created a graphic version of the usual Halloween suspects for the Orange County Register. The article entitled “Scary Stories” features Amy’s frightfully good image. We simply love her work!

Illustration of Halloween characters
© Amy Ning

Suzanne Beaky’s Adorable Illustrations for “Leopold”

Suzanne Beaky recently had a wonderful opportunity to illustrate Dr. Ruth’s latest children’s book, Leopold from Turner Publishing. The charming book tells the story of loveable Leopold the turtle who is afraid to go in the water. Leopold must make a decision and either play it safe or take a risk and face his fears.

Suzanne truly had such a great time creating the adorable characters for Dr Ruth’s book! Who wouldn’t? She also received a lovely call from the author herself, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, thanking her for her contribution. Nice!!

Suzanne Beaky is represented by Liz Sanders Agency.

Dr. Ruth standing next to a illustration of herself
Children's book "Leopold" book cover
Leopold, the turtle, hiding in his shell.
Illustration showing Leopold the turtle and his friends.
Dr. Ruth's grandson, Ben.
©Suzanne Beaky

Kyle Poling’s “Hoppy” Easter Project for Simon & Schuster

Liz Sanders Agency talented artist, Kyle Poling, created this interactive board book titled Yummy Bunny Easter Treats for Simon & Schuster. The end result is a lively and colorful Easter basket!

With thirty colorful play pieces, some of which have foil and glitter, Kyle had the right ideas and imagination to bring plenty of thrills and giggles to children as they look forward to Easter and a visit from the Easter bunny.

Children's Easter illustration

Children's Easter illustration
©Kyle Poling

Chrissy Fanslau of Cold Snap Studio Joins Folioplanet!

Chrissy has fun on the job and it shows in her playful, expressive illustrations. Her characters convey wonderful expressions, BIG personalities and a great sense of movement. Specializing in illustration for children’s books and products, she’s had the wonderful opportunity to work with esteemed clients from all corners of the world, including ad agencies, magazines, book publishers, small businesses and some very talented self-published authors as well! They love what she does, and we do, too!

Take a look at some examples of her work below. View more at Folioplanet.

Illustration of bears eating fruits and vegetables

Illustration of animals

Illustration of Cinderella and Stepsisters

© All Images Copyright Cold Snap Studio

Uber Talented Malane Newman Joins Folioplanet

There’s almost nothing Malane can’t do. Just take a look at her volume of work and there’s simply no denying the diverse range in her abilities and how amazingly talented she is. Her portfolio includes digital illustrations for packaging, advertising, new character development, board games and toys, and children’s books, just to name a few.

As a life-long illustrator, Malane Newman now mainly focuses on cartoon illustration, character design, and licensed character artwork. She also works extensively with clients designing original characters and illustrating their new products.

Besides her work being recognizable in greeting cards, children’s books, magazines, newspapers and many others, she has also designed and developed an animated cartooned website for a line of children’s clothing, and an animated children’s story for use on an educational website. See? We don’t lie! She truly can do it all!

Take a look at her Folioplanet portfolio to view more of her work.

Phillip Hom Illustrates a Diverse Cast of Characters

Phillip Hom is a highly sought after illustrator who knows how to deliver! From a highly recognizable cast of characters to original work used in a variety of applications, there’s really nothing he can’t do. He has created work for packaging, advertising, video game covers, consumer products, character design and publishing. He does it all!

To view his work, visit his Folioplanet and Workbook portfolios.

© Phillip Hom