Kirsten Ulve’s Tribute to Prince

We lost a phenomenal artist and his talents will be missed. Thankfully, he leaves a lasting legacy and mark on the music industry. Many tributes have poured out including this tribut from talented illustrator, Kirsten Ulve.


© Kirsten Ulve

Mark Stutzman’s Commemorative Elvis Presley Stamp

Check out Mark Stutzman‘s commemorative Elvis Presley stamp. We’re showing it off in honor of the King’s birthday tomorrow, January 8th!

Mark’s illustration that adorned the 1993 Elvis Presley Stamp ushered in a wave of excitement for the U.S. Postal Service. Breaking all records for commemorative stamp sales was just the beginning of how it would impact the USPS and Stutzman’s career.

Since then, Mark has worked for countless clients all over the world. He has created posters for famed magician David Blane, book covers for author Stephen King and a Billboard Magazine cover featuring legendary Michael Jackson. The client list is long and esteemed. This year he logged Eloqui’s 1800th assignment documenting his many hours of experience.

Commemorative stamp of Elvis Presley
© Mark Stutzman

In Memoriam, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Vox Advertising in Los Angeles was tasked with creating the movie poster and wanted to explore an expressive line art approach, and Sandy Haight had the honor of drawing a portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman for his role as Capote. This was Sandy’s favorite of 4 compositions that she submitted and which she had hoped would be the icon for the movie. In the end an atmospheric photograph was chosen, but the image of Hoffman became a staple of her line art portfolio and one of her favorite pieces. In rendering a portrait in any medium the artist becomes very familiar with the subject’s facial features and a sense of intimacy is felt. This closeness carried with her through the countless amazing roles played by talented actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

illustration of actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman

© Sandy Haight