Norm Bendell’s Perfect Beach Day

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, we’d like to kick off the unofficial beginning of summer with Norm Bendell’s humorous animation of a ‘Perfect Beach Day’.

Catch more of Norm’s work at his website!

© Norm Bendell

Kirsten Ulve’s Tribute to Prince

We lost a phenomenal artist and his talents will be missed. Thankfully, he leaves a lasting legacy and mark on the music industry. Many tributes have poured out including this tribut from talented illustrator, Kirsten Ulve.


© Kirsten Ulve

A Christmas Greeting From Alexander-Pollard

Judy Reed Silver created this beautiful animated holiday greeting for her artist representative, Alexander-Pollard. We’d like to echo the sentiment!

© Judy Reed Silver

Gayle Kabaker for Revolution Dancewear

Gayle was asked to once again to create illustrations and an animated holiday greeting for Revolution Dancewear – and she expertly delivered along with the help of animators, John and Lucas Ryan. Take a look at the behind the scenes below and view their holiday greeting.

Behind the scenes for Revolution Dancewear animation

Otto Steininger for The New Yorker

Otto had a brilliant idea while out navigating the wintery streets of NYC with his daughter in her stroller. Inspired by his not so unique predicament in what some may call the coldest place on Earth, he had a thought. Why not enlist all of those strollers to become mini-snow plows? He creatively illustrated his unique idea and it happily landed on the cover of The New Yorker! Kudos, Otto!

See more of Otto’s great ideas and whimsical illustrations.

Illustration showing strollers being pushed on sidewalks covered with snow.

animated gif showing winter scene
© Otto Steininger