American Illustration 35 Winners Announced

American Illustration (AI-AP) announced the selected and chosen illustrators from a crowded field of almost 600 submissions. We’re happy to announce that several of our illustrators were included in the group of winners.

Decorative wildlife and nature illustration.John S. Dykes


Popeye illustrationDave Calver


Collage bird illustrationTom Cocotos


Digital illustration of man wearing suitPatrick George


Conceptual illustration of American flagOtto Steininger


Illustration of ocean cityNishan Akgulian


Conceptual, whimsical illustration of downtown city streetsMichael Sloan


Illustration of horse in fieldMartin Haake


Group of men wading in ocean.Gayle Kabaker


CD cover/cup and saucerPatrick George


Conceptual illustration a "sea of eyes"James Yang


Conceptual portrait illustration of Elvis Presley.Tim O’Brien


Conceptual portrait illustration of Napoleon Bonaparte.Tim O’Brien


3D illustration created by Richard Borge.Richard Borge


Conceptual illustration of a woman and child in carLauren Simkin Berke

Conceptual portrait illustration of women, different hairstyle/nationalities.Lauren Simkin Berke


Stanislawa Kodman: Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things

Stanislawa Kodman‘s whimsical drawings seem particularly appropriate reminding us of our late summer evenings shared with the twinkling fireflies. Whether as images in children’s books, magazine articles or simply to grace the page, Stanislawa has a charming style that adds sophistication and elegance to any project. To see even more of Stanislawa’s playful side, check out her blog, Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things.

Stanislawa is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Illustration of fireflies and animals
© Stanislawa Kodman

Stanislawa Kodman’s Thought for the Day

Alexander-Pollard artist, Stanislawa Kodman‘s tongue in cheek illustration of a bird carrying a dead animal, otherwise known as a “carrion”. So the expression “Keep Calm and Carrion” certainly applies in this case!

Illustration, Keep Calm and "Carrion"
© Stanislawa Kodman

Talented Illustrator, Bill Bruning, Joins Folioplanet

Minnesota winters keep Bill inside with plenty of time to improve his skill set and conceptualize his latest projects. Working digitally, ideas just pour from Bill’s imagination providing a multitude of engaging images. From wacky cartoon characters to realistic looking checkerboard landscapes, Bill keeps producing and meeting the needs of his clients. He has worked for Nabisco, General Mills, DuPont, 3M, Dole, Dun & Bradstreet, Newsweek, Business Week, and Gerber, as well as numerous banks, investment firms and publishers, both nationally and globally.

With a love for traditional methods as well, he also uses the winter months to return to landscape painting with oils. When the winter thaws, you’ll find Bill out on his road bike finding inspiration in the beauty around him.

Suffice it to say, we love showing off Bill’s work and think you’ll find more fascinating images in his portfolio.

illustration of bird and spaceship

illustration of cat and dog napping

Illustration showing man in a field of lightbulbs trying to find clarity

Conceptual illustration of pathway in the clouds

Illustration of puzzle piece

illustration of barn

© All Images Bill Bruning

Chrissy Fanslau of Cold Snap Studio Joins Folioplanet!

Chrissy has fun on the job and it shows in her playful, expressive illustrations. Her characters convey wonderful expressions, BIG personalities and a great sense of movement. Specializing in illustration for children’s books and products, she’s had the wonderful opportunity to work with esteemed clients from all corners of the world, including ad agencies, magazines, book publishers, small businesses and some very talented self-published authors as well! They love what she does, and we do, too!

Take a look at some examples of her work below. View more at Folioplanet.

Illustration of bears eating fruits and vegetables

Illustration of animals

Illustration of Cinderella and Stepsisters

© All Images Copyright Cold Snap Studio

Phillip Hom Illustrates a Diverse Cast of Characters

Phillip Hom is a highly sought after illustrator who knows how to deliver! From a highly recognizable cast of characters to original work used in a variety of applications, there’s really nothing he can’t do. He has created work for packaging, advertising, video game covers, consumer products, character design and publishing. He does it all!

To view his work, visit his Folioplanet and Workbook portfolios.

© Phillip Hom