A Ginger Kitten’s Nighttime Excursion

Illustrator Stansilawa Kodman dreamt up an image of a ginger kitten’s nighttime excursion with a maybe not so willing companion. Stanislawa’s imagery always has a lot of movement and we absolutely love the way she tells her stories!

Stanislaw is represented by Alexander-Pollard Inc.. You can see more of Stanislawa’s work in her Folioplanet and Workbook portfolios.

Illustration of a ginger kitten
© Copyright Stanislawa Kodman

Stanislawa Kodman: Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things

Stanislawa Kodman‘s whimsical drawings seem particularly appropriate reminding us of our late summer evenings shared with the twinkling fireflies. Whether as images in children’s books, magazine articles or simply to grace the page, Stanislawa has a charming style that adds sophistication and elegance to any project. To see even more of Stanislawa’s playful side, check out her blog, Leaves, Wings & Other Such Things.

Stanislawa is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Illustration of fireflies and animals
© Stanislawa Kodman

Alexander-Pollard’s Talented Illustrators for Earth Day!

Earth Day is today and to inspire action on Mother Earth’s behalf take a look at the beautiful illustrations from Alexander-Pollard’s artists, then find a way to spend some time nurturing Mother Nature today.

Illustration of the Lorax from Dr. Suess book

Illustration showing reduced carbon footprint

Collage illustration of wind energy

Conceptual illustration depicting life that comes from soil.

Stanislawa Kodman’s Illustration for Catalyst Magazine

Stanislawa Kodman‘s infographic combines words with the image of the brain for an article highlighting The Brain Trust, a support group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. The image will appear in Catalyst Magazine.
Art Director, Michael Logan.

Stanislaws Kodman is represented by Alexander-Pollard, Inc.

Lettering illustration in the shape of a brain

Laura Coyle’s Attention Grabbing Infographic

Alexander-Pollard artist extraordinaire, Laura Coyle, is getting rave reviews for her very entertaining infographic created for Emory Health Magazine, proof positive that infographics can be engaging and fun and provide a wealth of information at the same time.

The infographic takes us on a journey for the “Game of Predictive Life” and predicts the quality of life based on the choices we make. So impressed with her creativity, she was asked to create a second illustration for Emory and is getting ready to work on a third.

See more from Laura at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Illustration of infographic for Emory Health
© Laura Coyle

Stanislawa Kodman’s Thought for the Day

Alexander-Pollard artist, Stanislawa Kodman‘s tongue in cheek illustration of a bird carrying a dead animal, otherwise known as a “carrion”. So the expression “Keep Calm and Carrion” certainly applies in this case!

Illustration, Keep Calm and "Carrion"
© Stanislawa Kodman

Artist Stanislawa Kodman finds inspiration in Chinese Mythology

Finding inspiration in Chinese Mytholody, for her wish of peace for 2015, Stanis Kodman chose a winged horse and a dragon to symbolize Strength and Good Fortune. See more of her illustrations influenced by Chinese art and culture on our blog, The Pimento Files.

Stanis Kodman's illustration drawn from Chinese Mythology

Stanislawa Kodman’s Holiday Greeting

Talented illustrator, Stanislawa Kodman, created this lovely holiday greeting for artist representative Alexander-Pollard.

Illustration of a reindeer for the holidays
© Stanislawa Kodman

A Christmas Greeting From Alexander-Pollard

Judy Reed Silver created this beautiful animated holiday greeting for her artist representative, Alexander-Pollard. We’d like to echo the sentiment!

© Judy Reed Silver