Chuck Pyle for the Whisky Advocate

We love what Chuck Pyle conceptualizes and creates. He’s always on target and never falls short of delivering quality work.
One of his recent assignments was for an article in the Whisky Advocate titled ‘Reciprocity’ – a practice in the distillers world of trading blended stocks of spirits.

Collaborating with director John Thompson, Chuck was given the following parameters: “hands playing cards with whiskey barrels on the cards, and some sense of a distillery barrel in the go run with it”.

Chuck carefully researched the subject, along with some product testing, and came up with the concept to change poker chips out for whiskey barrels. John agreed and the painting was completed using acrylic on board.

View more of Chuck’s exceptional work at Folioplanet and Workbook.

Illustration showing a poker game
© Chuck Pyle

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